LKLawLEVY KONIGSBERG LLP (LK) has established itself as one of the nation's premier law firms featuring highly acclaimed mesothelioma lawyers with decades of experience in the areas of asbestos exposure and mesothelioma law. The firm prides itself on the accomplishments attained by its lead poisoning lawyers, whistleblower attorneys, birth defect lawyers, medical malpractice & personal injury attorneys.

LK has litigated precedent-setting cases and obtained significant rulings and judgments, which have included some of the highest awards in mesothelioma, asbestos, lead poisoning, and personal injury litigation. As plaintiff's advocates, we pledge the best of our experience, skill, and resources to every client.

New Jersey Mesothelioma Attorneys Win $7.5M Asbestos Verdict
New Jersey mesothelioma attorneysJanuary 15, 2015 - New Jersey mesothelioma attorneys from the nationally-acclaimed asbestos law firm Levy Konigsberg LLP obtain a $7.5M verdict, including a $1M award of punitive damages, for a victim of mesothelioma and his wife.
Mesothelioma Lawyer Wins Case for Ohio Asbestos Victim
mesothelioma lawyer OhioJanuary 12, 2015 - Mesothelioma lawyer from Levy Konigsberg LLP wins a significant verdict for an Ohio asbestos victim, who developed mesothelioma from being exposed to asbestos-containing Bendix car brakes.
New York Mesothelioma Lawyers Make History with $7.7M Asbestos Verdict
New York mesothelioma lawyersDecember 23, 2014 - New York mesothelioma lawyers from the nationally acclaimed asbestos law firm Levy Konigsberg LLP obtain the largest mesothelioma verdict in the history of Syracuse, NY. The jury awarded $7.7 Million to the family of a deceased bus driver from Manlius, NY.
LK Recognized as One of the Best Law Firms for the Year 2015
Best Law Firm 2015December 18, 2014 - For the fifth consecutive year, Levy Konigsberg LLP, a nationally-acclaimed personal injury and wrongful death law firm, is recognized by U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers as one of the Best Law Firms for the year 2015 in multiple categories.
New York Mesothelioma Attorneys Win Verdict Against Ford Motor Company
New York mesothelioma attorneysDecember 12, 2014 – New York mesothelioma attorneys from Levy Konigsberg LLP who represented a mother of three from Houston, Texas, obtained a $625,000 verdict against the Ford Motor Company that sold asbestos-containing brakes in the mid-1990s.
Asbestos Attorneys & Personal Injury Lawyer at LK Named Best Lawyers
asbestos attorneysNovember 7, 2014 - Five asbestos attorneys and a personal injury lawyer at Levy Konigsberg LLP have recently been named Best Lawyers, by US News-Best Lawyers 2015 Edition, in several categories, including personal injury, product liability, mass tort, and medical malpractice litigation.
Qui Tam Attorney Discusses the DOE’s Final Gainful Employment Rules
qui tam attorneyNovember 4, 2014 - A qui tam attorney from the national whistleblower law firm Levy Konigsberg LLP discusses the final rules governing gainful employment requirements for for-profit colleges issued by the Department of Education and the implications for False Claims Act whistleblowers.
Mesothelioma Lawyer Wins $7M Verdict against LILCO
mesothelioma lawyer Jerome BlockSeptember 30, 2014 - Mesothelioma lawyer from New York City based national asbestos litigation firm Levy Konigsberg LLP wins a $7 Million verdict for a construction worker who developed mesothelioma as the result of asbestos exposure at LILCO’s Northport power station in Long Island, NY.
New Jersey Mesothelioma Lawyers Win $90.5 M in Wrongful Death Verdicts
New Jersey mesothelioma lawyersJuly 7, 2014 - Eleven families from Manville, NJ, represented by New Jersey mesothelioma lawyers from Levy Konigsberg LLP, receive groundbreaking $90.5 Million in wrongful death verdicts against the foreign companies that sold asbestos to Johns-Manville in 1950s - 1980s.
NY Mesothelioma Attorney Wins Landmark Decision Against Union Carbide
NY mesothelioma attorneyApril 30, 2014 - On April 15, 2014, Brendan J. Tully, an attorney at Levy Konigsberg LLP ("LK"), won a groundbreaking appellate court decision against the corporate giant Union Carbide, a division of Dow Chemical. It is believed that the decision in this case1 was the first in the nation to defeat Union Carbide’s attempt at summary judgment in a case involving exposure to Bakelite laminated asbestos sheets, rods or tubes.
Mesothelioma Lawyers Win $7.3M for Family of Asbestos Victim
mesothelioma lawyersApril 25, 2014 - Mesothelioma lawyers from the nationally-acclaimed asbestos law firm Levy Konigsberg LLP won $7.3 million for the family of a mesothelioma victim after a six-week trial in New York County Supreme Court against defendant Union Carbide.

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  • 90,500,000 Johns Manville I, 2014
  • 70,000,000 Gabriel Feldman, 2011
  • 47,150,000 Consorti et al, 1993
  • 30,300,000 Susan Buttitta, 2008
  • 23,000,000 City of Baltimore, 1992
  • 22,000,000 Mayer & Pride, 2004
  • 19,500,000 Matteson et al, 2004
  • 18,200,000 Gantcher et al, 1996
  • 18,200,000 Ronsini et al, 1996
  • 17,600,000 Robert Ayers, 1985
  • 14,250,000 Ciletti et al, 1996
  • 10,000,000 Rhodes, 2005


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"I had a great experience with my attorneys. They always kept me informed, always called me on the phone or sent letters to let me know what was going on with the case. Because of my son's condition, he does not have the same chances of succeeding in life as any normal kid, but thanks to the money LK got for my son, I know he will be taken care of. I would recommend any parents whose children have been diagnosed with lead poisoning to find good lawyers, like Levy Konigsberg."


"Working with LK has been a real pleasure. Everybody that I have spoken to has been over backwards to do everything that I ask. The paralegals have just been wonderful. They have just treated me like I was a king, and I couldn't ask anyone to be any better, and I couldn't ask for a better settlement that I got."


"If I were to give any advice to people whose lives have been affected by their loved ones coming down with this diagnosis, it is to find a doctor who cares, who understands them as a human being, and to find also an attorney who doesn't see them just as a client, who sees what the family is going through. You definitely need an attorney who is going to fight for their rights and get them what they deserve. LK is that kind of firm. I am definitely pleased with the results, because you make sure that the family is taken care of and that my father was able to receive the best medical care that was available to him. Now my kids are taken care of, and they don't have to worry..."


"I would recommend Don Blydenburgh and LK to any mesothelioma patient for many reasons. They are a very experienced law firm in dealing with the type of litigation that is necessary. You need not only the experience, but they also need to be large enough to handle the litigation cost, because it is a long uphill fight. Don Blydenburgh did a tremendous job for me. Go to him and let him do the investigation not only to find out where you were exposed to that asbestos but also what products you were exposed to. Don is very knowledgeable in all those aspects."


"My experience with Levy Konigsberg was nothing less than wonderful. I found everybody, without exception, from the person that answers the phone here to the assistants and people that I don't really know what their position was to be nothing but helpful, compassionate. The attorneys that I worked with during the trial I found to be professional, but more than that their compassion was genuine, their concern was genuine. The results of the case in the trial I was just very pleased with."


"As a client of LK, I was taken care of. When I called and talked with them, the next day, an attorney flew from New York down to Nashville. Started off from there, they kept in close contact with me and told me what they would do and when they would do it and how they would do it. LK personnel have all been wonderful. The attorneys at LK John Guinan and Moshe Maimon were very good and helpful. As a layman, I knew nothing about what cases were valued at. They did an excellent job in getting me the most that they could without having to go to trial, even after the jury was selected."


"I would recommend Levy Konigsberg to anyone who has children diagnosed with lead poisoning. After fighting for many years, Levy Konigsberg was able to get a huge amount of settlement for my two boys. Because of the hard work of Levy Konigsberg, my children are now able to have financial stability, which before was unknown how they were going to support themselves. I believe that Levy Konigsberg did justice for my boys."


"As a client of LK, I felt taken care of. I felt that they always put my best interests in the beginning of what was going on. They always told me what was happening; they kept me in the loop. They knew what they were talking about. They didn't base things on emotion or fictitious facts. They had boxes and boxes of factual information. They fought very hard to win my case. I would recommend LK and I have recommended them to other patients, because from the time I’ve met their lawyers, I found compassion and sympathy, and they gave me the promise that they would work for me and try their best and they did."


"Because of all the efforts of my attorneys and my coming forward, the relator's share in my case was approximately twenty one percent of the final settlement. I think that is in part directly due to my efforts, but also to the efforts of my very vigorous defense and vigorous pursuit for my attorney of the case. In this situation, the fact that we settled for millions and millions of dollars is obviously something that makes me very happy and very satisfied, but also the fact that the injustice was brought forward... I'm very proud to be a relator and I'm very proud to be associated with LK."


"When I came to the firm about my potential case I had a lot of questions and I was nervous about coming forward. Your firm explained all of the steps involved in filing my case, took the time to update me as it progressed, prepared me for my meeting with NYS officials... Without your knowledgeable guidance and representation, I may not have been successful in bringing this situation to the government's attention and achieving a just result. I would not hesitate to recommend LK's Qui Tam Department to anyone considering bringing a whistleblower action."


"I would recommend Levy Konigsberg. Anything that I needed they actually did to help me with my case and they are still helping me after all I have gone through. They are very very good. They treat you like if you were their family, as well as I believe that they are my family. Levy Konigsberg surpassed my expectations, because I wasn't sure what they will get for me, but each and every one of those companies that used asbestos actually settled, and I am very very pleased with the amounts that I have received. Believe me when I say, Levy Konigsberg are the best."


"Our experience with Levy Konigsberg was very positive. I would not hesitate to refer Levy Konigsberg to anybody who is experiencing a case of mesothelioma, because they were extremely supportive, they were extremely caring, they were completely prepared, meticulous to every detail to mounting the case. I would have no reservations recommending them… because they will fight for you, they will treat you as equals, they will make sure that you are treated with the respect and compensated what you deserve."




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