Consumer Fraud

consumer fraudConsumer fraud cases occur when a company is deceptive, makes false claims or omits important information about a product. Both state and federal laws protect consumers from these unfair and untruthful business practices. Consumer fraud laws, including the Consumer Protection Act, regulate the way that businesses are allowed to advertise, promote, and sell their products and broadly prohibit deception when dealing with consumers.

The most common examples of deceptive consumer fraud are in the drug and pharmacy field, automobile sales and the insurance industry. An automobile salesman may not disclose information regarding recalls or problems with the car to the consumer or insurance premium contracts may be worded tactfully so that coverage is unclear.

When consumer fraud occurs, the best option is to report the consumer fraud to a lawyer. In many deceptive fraud cases, companies commit unscrupulous practices against countless numbers of consumers. Because individuals are not typically in the financial position to pursue independent legal action, consumer fraud class action lawsuits can help all consumers aggrieved by a similar act of fraud obtain compensation for their financial losses. This kind of class action lawsuit is especially helpful to individuals who have experienced consumer fraud in the form of defective products.

Every consumer has the legal right to receive truthful and accurate information about the services and products they wish to buy, without being deceived or misled. Making false, misleading, and/or deceptive claims about the quality, price, nature, safety or efficacy of any product or service is illegal and should be reported as consumer fraud.

Levy Konigsberg LLP has successfully represented businesses and individuals in deceptive fraud cases. We have litigated claims for individual victims of consumer fraud, as well as classes of individuals who have suffered losses from consumer fraud. In addition, we have represented businesses and government entities that have rightful claims under the Consumer Protection Act.

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