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Levy Konigsberg is proud to offer our legal services to women who were incarcerated at Albion Correctional Facility in New York and suffered sexual abuses carried out by officers and staff members. By using the New York Adult Survivors Act (ASA), you can file a claim in pursuit of justice and compensation, even if the regular statute of limitations has expired. The lookback window to file an ASA claim for sexual assaults at Albion Correction Facility ends this November, though, so you must act now.

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What is the Albion Correctional Facility?

The Albion Correctional Facility is a prison located in upstate New York. It has been designated as a women-only prison with an estimated capacity of 1,200. The New York State Department of Correctional Services is the primary operator of the facility.

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Sexual Abuse at Albion Correctional Facility

Multiple investigations have revealed evidence that sexual abuse has been carried out by staff members at Albion Correctional Facility for decades and is continuing. In June 2022, the Correctional Association of New York (CANY) monitored the Albion Correctional Facility and uncovered numerous reports of sexual abuse, sexual assault, and rape. Nearly half of the 85 women interviewed said that they had suffered or witnessed serious abuses committed by staff members, including sexual assault and physical violence. More than a quarter of the interviewed women said that they had filed official reports at the facility, but many said that the reports were largely ignored.

A brief history of known abuses at Albion Correctional Facility includes:

  • 2015: A former female inmate was awarded $605,750 in damages for sexual attacks by an Albion guard in 2007. A federal court awarded her an additional $500,000 in damages. Officer Donald Lasker Jr., who was accused of the rape, pled guilty but was only sentenced to a two-month intermittent jail sentence.
  • 2019: Albion Officer Adam Brokaw was found guilty of the sexual abuse of an inmate.
  • February 2020: Albion Officer David Stupnick was sentenced for sexually abusing two inmates.
  • August 2020: Albion Officer James Castonguay pled guilty to two counts of criminal sex acts against two female inmates.
  • 2020: A federal lawsuit was filed against Albion Correctional Facility and the New York Department of Correction and Community Supervision (DOCCS) for failing to protect its inmates from sexual abuses committed by male staff members and officers.

Lack of Consent in Sexual Abuse at Albion

Under New York law, prisoners cannot consent to sexual actions with any employee or volunteer who provides inmate services due to an inherent power and authority disparity. Therefore, it is always illegal for an Albion Correctional Facility officer or staff member to engage in sexual contact with an inmate, and the perpetrator cannot assert consent as a legal defense. Furthermore, most of the reports of sexual assault at Albion describe situations of violence, rape, and forcible touching, so there is no room for defendants to try to use consent as a defense.

Reporting Abuse at Albion Correctional Facility

Coming forward and reporting sexual abuse that occurred at Albion Correctional Facility will help hold the abusers and the New York Prison system accountable. You use your rights from the New York Adult Survivors Act to file a lawsuit. But remember: the ASA expires on November 24, 2023. It lets you file a lawsuit for sexual abuse that you suffered as an adult, regardless of when it occurred. Do not let it close without first starting a claim with our help.

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