Civil Sexual Abuse Lawsuits in Arkansas

Legal Update: A temporary lookback window established under the Arkansas Justice for Vulnerable Victims of Sexual Abuse Act remains open until January 31, 2024.

Under the law, child sexual abuse survivors whose claims were barred under the previous statute of limitations have an unprecedented opportunity to file civil lawsuits and recover compensation for their damages.

If you or someone you love have questions about the Justice for Vulnerable Victims of Sexual Abuse Act or would like to discuss a potential claim, Levy Konigsberg wants to help. Levy Konigsberg is a nationally renowned trial firm with extensive experience litigating sexual abuse lawsuits across the country – including states where laws like Arkansas’ SB 676 created special lookback windows to revive previously time-barred claims.

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Arkansas SB 676 Gives Child Sex Abuse Survivors A New Opportunity To File Claims

The Justice for Vulnerable Victims of Sexual Abuse Act, Senate Bill 676, is a legislative measure that was passed by the Arkansas Senate in April 2021. Like a wave of survivor-focused laws being passed in states like New York and California, the law is designed to provide legal protections and benefits for individuals who have been victims of sexual abuse, particularly those who were minors (under 18) or disabled and therefore unable to give consent at the time of the abuse.

Arkansas’ Justice for Vulnerable Victims of Sexual Abuse Act is groundbreaking legislation that accounts for the immense challenges survivors of childhood sexual abuse face when it comes to processing their abuse and making the decision to pursue legal action against abusers and the entities that failed to protect them.

The key provisions of the Act include: extended statute of limitations and a two-year revival window.

Extended Statute of Limitations

Under the previous Arkansas laws, victims of childhood sexual abuse were constrained by a deadline. They had until either their 21st birthday or three years from the realization that emotional or physical injury resulted from the abuse to initiate legal action.

The recent legislation extends the age limit from 21 to 55. Now, under SB676, individuals who were 21 years old as of July 31, 2021, as well as future victims of abuse, are granted the opportunity to bring legal action against an abuser until they reach 55 years old or three years from the time of discovery, depending on which date comes later.

Two-Year Revival Window

This means that childhood sexual abuse survivors abused at any time in the past can initiate a civil claim during the specified two-year revival window. This window commenced on February 1, 2022, and concludes on January 31, 2024. Within this timeframe, any adult survivor has the option to pursue legal action against the perpetrator or the institution responsible, even if their claim had expired under the previous state laws.

An abuse survivor may have grounds to file a civil claim against the perpetrator, another involved party, or the organization that was complicit in the abuse or its concealment. Those who experienced abuse may not have initially realized the full extent of what they endured. It is not uncommon for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, upon initiating legal proceedings, to discover that they were not the sole victims. A significant number of sexual predators target multiple vulnerable victims. Engaging in legal action can unveil the scale of the abuse and how it was either hidden or disregarded by an institution.

Fighting for Survivors in Arkansas Civil Sexual Abuse Claims

As a firm that devotes a large part of our practice to fighting on behalf of child and adult sexual abuse survivors, Levy Konigsberg is now working with a growing number of Arkansas survivors to help them seek justice. Our Arkansas sexual abuse lawyers represent survivors of child and adult sexual abuse in civil claims filed against abusers and the entities that failed to protect them.

Given that the deadline for revived claims under the Act is January 31, 2024, we encourage all survivors with potential cases to contact us as soon as possible.

Damages Suffered Due to Abuse

As civil lawsuits, these claims focus only on liability for the damages survivors suffered because of their abuse – which can include depression, intimacy issues, anxiety, and numerous other physical, emotional, and economic losses.

Failure to Uphold Obligations to Protect Victims

At the core of these lawsuits are claims that the institutions and entities involved failed to uphold their obligations to protect victims. Generally, these claims are based on the duties entities and businesses have for supervising employees and volunteers, investigating complaints, and taking an appropriate course of action when there is known or suspected abuse.

Unfortunately, as we have seen in countless sexual abuse cases, many entities fail to meet these duties – and some act to willfully conceal and cover up abuse.

Can I Still File a Sex Abuse Claim if My Abuser Was Never Charged with a Crime?

Yes. Civil sexual abuse lawsuits function independently from criminal proceedings. They are focused solely on establishing a defendant’s liability for damages and are not concerned with determining the criminal culpability of an offender. Furthermore, these lawsuits can be directed towards entities and institutions that failed in their duty to prevent abuse and safeguard victims.

It is possible for to pursue a valid civil sexual abuse lawsuit even in scenarios where:

  • Your abuser was never subjected to a criminal inquiry or faced criminal charges.
  • Your abuser was acquitted of charges in a criminal trial.
  • Your abuser is deceased.

We Represent Survivors in All Types of Sex Abuse Claims

How Much is My Sexual Abuse Claim Worth in Arkansas?

The value of any civil claim depends on the unique facts and circumstances involved. Because every case is different, the best way to evaluate the value of your potential claim is to speak personally with an Arkansas sexual abuse attorney who knows these cases and the types of settlements and verdicts they can produce.

Generally, survivors of sexual abuse are entitled to a financial recovery of their damages. Given the complex effects of sexual abuse, and the fact that abuse has a long-term if not lifelong impact on victims, damages can be substantial.

Recoverable damages in sexual abuse cases may include:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Costs associated with mental health treatment / therapy
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish, fear, embarrassment, and anxiety
  • Long-term mental health issues, including PTSD and depression
  • Lost income and other economic losses

Levy Konigsberg has access to research, experts, and resources that allow us to thoroughly evaluate the damages suffered by our clients and present those damages effectively in claims and the courtroom. In every case we handle, we fight for the maximum compensation possible.

Passionate Advocates. Proven Success.

Levy Konigsberg is a U.S. News “Best Law Firms” ranked trial practice known for litigating complex claims. Our work has produced landmark rulings, record settlements and verdicts, and conversations that have helped change laws and lives.

Led by Partner Anna Kull, our sexual abuse team has become recognized nationally for our work representing survivors. Some of notable work in this area includes:

  • Millions of dollars in compensation recovered for survivors across the country, including those in states where survivor-centric laws created temporary filing windows.
  • Award-winning recognition from peers and the media, including a recent NY Daily News cover story profiling our ongoing work representing women sexually abused in NY prisons.
  • High-profile sexual abuse filings and litigation against powerful institutions, including the Catholic Church, state and municipal corrections departments, and universities and hospital systems that failed to protect survivors.

You can learn more about our latest sexual abuse work on our blog.

Learn More About Filing a Sexual Abuse Lawsuit in Arkansas

Whether you have a claim that can be filed under Arkansas Justice for Juvenile Sexual Abuse Act or other state laws governing civil claims, Levy Konigsberg wants to help.

Our Arkansas sexual abuse lawyers are passionate about guiding survivors through their legal journeys and provide the comprehensive support and counsel they deserve. Our firm also works on contingency, which means clients pay nothing up front to hire our team, and pay a fee only if we win.

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