Asbestos in Talc: What You Need to Know


“I Thought Talc Was Safe?”

As consumers, we place a great deal of trust in the companies placing products on our shelves and in our bathrooms to let us know when those products might be a danger to us. Though cosmetic talc has been on the market for over a hundred years, many of talc’s adverse health effects have only recently come to light, due in large part to the diligent work of consumer advocates such as Levy Konigsberg.

Mesothelioma, a cancer caused by asbestos exposure affecting different areas of the body, does not only affect those who worked outside the home. Every year, men and women who did not work in jobs traditionally associated with asbestos are diagnosed with this rare disease. Scarier still, many men and women with mesothelioma don’t know what types of products, such as talc, may have exposed them to asbestos in their own homes.

Many consumers who have used talc know that talc is by its nature a dusty product, and easy to breathe in (which is one way asbestos gets into the body). Talc is mined from the earth, and is often found in geographical areas where asbestos and other minerals typically develop. In fact, talc and asbestos “grow” so closely together that the two minerals can be inseparable, resulting in contamination of talc. While the science to detect whether or not asbestos was present in consumer talc has existed since the 1950s, some members of the cosmetic industry chose to look the other way.

Levy Konigsberg, which has fought for consumer rights for over 30 years, has investigated the sources of household contaminations, and has battled with the cosmetic industry, leading to thousands of pages of information chronicling the historic problem of asbestos contamination in talc.

As a result, for nearly a decade, Levy Konigsberg has led the nation in revealing the truth behind asbestos contamination in cosmetic talc. With multiple multi-million-dollar verdicts and settlements from cosmetic talc defendants, Levy Konigsberg continues to uncover crucial information used to aid unknowing consumers who now suffer from mesothelioma.

Asbestos-Contamination Of Cosmetic Talc: When Was It Known?

Information on asbestos-contamination of cosmetic talc first came to light decades ago. Testing conducted on off-the-shelf talcum powder products in the 1960s, which was then published, revealed the probability of contamination in cosmetic talc products. The Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) then began its own testing to determine which products or talc suppliers might be exposing consumers to asbestos.

By 1972, the FDA’s testing revealed 59 popular cosmetic talc products with likely asbestos contamination, including brands/manufacturers such as:

  • Cashmere Bouquet
  • Friendship Garden
  • Mennen
  • Pond’s
  • Coty
  • Avon Unforgettable
  • Desert Flower
  • Emeraude
  • Jean Nate
  • Jeris
  • Johnson & Johnson Shower to Shower
  • And even more.


Levy Konigsberg Leads The Way For Consumer Mesothelioma Victims

Beginning in 2008, Levy Konigsberg began fully prosecuting some of the first asbestos personal injury cases in the country against members of the cosmetics industry, receiving victories in both trial and appellate courts on major issues surrounding the science of asbestos in talc.

Since that time, LK has obtained millions of dollars in jury verdicts and awards on behalf of consumers exposed to asbestos in talc, including New York and New Jersey’s first and only verdicts against a major supplier of talc to the cosmetic industry.

What Are My Rights?

LK continues to represent men and women who were unknowingly exposed to asbestos in cosmetic products. To learn more about how Levy Konigsberg can help you or a loved one with mesothelioma, call us toll-free at 1-800-988-8005 or chat with a live representative online.

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Our Largest Asbestos Verdicts

  • 750,000,000 - Douglas Barden et al, 2020
  • 325,000,000 - Olson, 2019
  • 117,000,000 - Stephen Lanzo, 2018
  • 90,500,000 - Johns Manville I, 2014
  • 47,150,000 - Consorti et al, 1993
  • 37,300,000 - Douglas Barden et al, 2019
  • 30,300,000 - Susan Buttitta, 2008
  • 29,500,000 - Leavitt, 2019
  • 22,000,000 - Mayer & Pride, 2004
  • 19,500,000 - Matteson et al, 2004
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