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The issue of sexual abuse within correctional facilities is a distressing and pervasive problem that demands immediate attention. Among the many cases of prisoner sexual abuse that have come to light, the Bayview Correctional Facility stands out as a harrowing example of this issue. Women who have suffered sexual abuse at the hands of officers and staff members within this facility have sought justice through the legal expertise of Levy Konigsberg, a nationwide leader in sex abuse litigation.

Following the passage of the New York Adult Survivors Act (ASA), we are offering our legal services to women who were sexually abused at Bayview Correctional Facility, a women-only prison in Manhattan, NY. Using the ASA, you can demand justice and compensation for the abuses that you suffered at Bayview, even if the usual statute of limitations for such cases has already expired.

The signed Senate Bill S66A pertains to the time limit within which civil actions can be pursued for specific sexual offenses committed against individuals aged eighteen or older. It reinstates such actions that would have been otherwise prohibited due to the previous statute of limitations and provides prioritized scheduling for these actions during trials. It also mandates the chief administrator of the courts to establish regulations that ensure the prompt resolution of the reactivated actions.

Please let our passionate and highly experienced legal team see if you have a valid claim to file against Bayview, the State of New York, and the New York State Department of Correctional Services and Community Supervision. We have already filed many civil complaints seeking financial compensation against these defendants for the inexcusable sex crimes carried out by Bayview staff and officers. You can join other courageous women who have already stepped forward to secure justice and accountability.

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What is the Bayview Correctional Facility?

The Bayview Correctional Facility was a women-only prison located in Manhattan, New York against the Hudson River. Operating for over three decades, the facility housed female inmates who had committed various offenses. However, it was permanently closed due to Superstorm Sandy damage, budget complications, and controversies surrounding widespread and unchecked inmate sex abuse. Although Bayview is defunct, the New York State Department of Correctional Services (NYDOCCS), which was its primary operator, can still be held liable for any wrongdoing and harm that happened to inmates there.

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Prisoner Sexual Abuse in New York: An Alarming Reality

Sexual abuse within correctional facilities is a deeply troubling phenomenon that has received increasing attention in recent years. The power dynamics inherent in such environments can create an atmosphere ripe for abuse, as inmates often have limited recourse or voice to challenge their abusers. Women incarcerated in prisons and jails across the United States have reported instances of sexual harassment, assault, and coercion perpetrated by both staff members and fellow inmates.

Sexual Abuse at Bayview Correctional Facility

The full extent of the history of sexual abuse at Bayview Correctional Facility is still being uncovered. However, evidence from published reports and first-hand accounts from hundreds of women have already revealed the shocking truth that sexual abuses committed by male guards against female inmates at Bayview occurred for as long as the prison was in operation, painting a disturbing picture of the horrors endured by female inmates. These incidents involved various forms of abuse, ranging from verbal harassment to physical assault and coerced sexual acts. The perpetrators often included officers and staff members who were entrusted with the safety and well-being of the inmates they were supposed to protect.

A brief history of Bayview Correctional Facility sexual abuses includes:

  • 1985: The Inspector General of the NYDOCCS reports that several guards and a sergeant sexually assaulted and verbally harassed a female inmate, who became pregnant due to the attack. Prison officials knew of the attack and many others like it before, but did nothing to protect the inmates from future assaults.
  • 2004: A lawsuit against New York State results in a $360,000 award for a former Bayview inmate who sued for sexual assaults that occurred throughout the ‘90s and early 2000s. The accused guard later pled guilty to 3rd-degree rape while on criminal trial.
  • 2008: A federal survey concludes that 12% of survey respondents at Bayview reported being victimized by sexual misconduct. At the time, this was nearly 6 times higher than the national average for sexual abuse reports at women-only prisons.
  • 2014: A lawsuit filed by a former Bayview inmate who was sexually assaulted multiple times prompts the New York Court of Claims to find the NYDOCCS guilty of negligent supervision. The accused officer pled guilty to multiple counts of rape while on criminal trial.

Sexual Encounters at Bayview are Always Abuse

It is important to know that all sexual encounters between inmates and officers at Bayview Correctional Facility are considered acts of sexual abuse, a criminal violation. New York law makes it impossible for prisoners to provide consent to sexual actions with an official who has authority over them, e.g., inmates and guards, wardens, or correctional officers. This statute prevents any defendant from arguing that the sexual encounters at Bayview were legal due to consent. It also helps lay the foundation for civil action taken against Bayview and the NYDOCCS using the Adults Survivors Act.

Limited Time to File a Bayview Sex Abuse Claims

The New York Adult Survivors Act creates a one-year lookback window for adult survivors of sexual abuse to file civil suits against their attackers, regardless of when the alleged abuse occurred. This statute is available to anyone who wants to pursue such a claim, but it has primarily benefitted former female inmates who were abused in prisons like Bayview Correctional Facility but had not previously filed a lawsuit. The new lookback window started on November 24, 2022 and ends on November 24, 2023. During this period, individuals who were subjected to sexual abuse and meet specific criteria are granted the opportunity to file civil actions against their abusers, even if the previous statute of limitations had expired. You should speak with Levy Konigsberg as soon as possible.

Criteria for Pursuing Legal Action

According to the provisions of the Adult Survivors Act, individuals seeking recourse must fulfill the subsequent conditions:

  • You were incarcerated at Bayview Correctional Facility.
  • You must have experienced sexual abuse while confined at Bayview Correctional Facility, and were at least 18 years old at the time.
  • The time limit stipulated by the statute of limitations for civil action must have elapsed.

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