Sex Abuse Lawsuits Using the NY Adult Survivors Act

At Levy Konigsberg, our attorneys are on a campaign to secure justice for former inmates who have been sexually abused at women-only prisons across New York, including Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in Bedford. Using the New York Adult Survivors Act (ASA), you might be able to file a civil injury claim against the facility and the New York Department of Correctional Services and Community Supervision (NYDOCS). However, the time you have to act is limited, so you must not delay. Please call now to see if you have a chance to file a lawsuit for compensation and justice.

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What is Bedford Hills Correctional Facility?

Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in Bedford, New York, is a women-only maximum-security prison. It can house several hundred inmates at a time. It is primarily operated by the NYDOCS, which is the party that could be held primarily liable for sexual abuses that occur there.

Sexual Abuse at Bedford Hills

Sexual abuse lawsuits have already been filed against Bedford Hills Correctional Facility with the passage of the New York Adult Survivors Act. In the many lawsuits that have been filed against the NYDOCS so far, many of them allege sexual assaults carried out by officers and staff members at Bedford Hills. It is believed that many, many more survivors of sex abuse at Bedford Hills have yet to come forward, though.

The lawsuits, both filed already and pending, accuse the following and others of sexual abuse:

  • Correctional officers
  • Wardens and supervisors
  • Prison staff members
  • Prison doctors
  • Prison volunteers
  • Contractors working at the prison

No Consent is Possible at Bedford Hills

New York law does not make it possible for consent to sexual activities to exist between an inmate and a person of authority or staff member of that prison. Therefore, all sexual activities at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility that have been reported in the lawsuits can constitute sexual assault. This law makes it impossible for the defendant to use consent as a defense against the accusations.

New York Adult Survivors Act

You have less time than you might expect to file a claim against Bedford Hills Correctional Facility and the NYDOCS. The New York Adult Survivors Act only opened a one-year lookback window, which closes on November 24, 2023. Once this window ends, you will likely not again have a chance to file a claim for past sexual abuses at Bedford Hills.

However, the ASA lookback window permits claims to be filed by anyone who was sexually abused as an adult, regardless of when the abuse occurred. For example, if you were sexually assaulted when serving time at Bedford Hills in the ‘90s, then you could still file a claim using the ASA sex abuse law. Previous statutes of limitations are removed by the NY ASA, but only until the window closes on November 24, 2023.

The New York Adult Survivors Act (ASA) has introduced a critical opportunity for survivors of sexual abuse at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility and within the NYDOCS system. This landmark legislation has established a one-year lookback window, which is set to conclude on November 24, 2023. This limited timeframe is crucial for those seeking justice, as once this window closes, it may become exceedingly difficult to file claims for past sexual abuses at Bedford Hills. What makes the ASA particularly impactful is its inclusivity; it allows survivors who experienced sexual abuse as adults, regardless of when it occurred, to come forward and file claims. For instance, if an individual was a victim of sexual assault while serving time at Bedford Hills in the 1990s, they still have the opportunity to seek recourse under the ASA sex abuse law. This law effectively nullifies previous statutes of limitations, offering survivors a unique chance to seek justice and closure, but it is essential to act promptly before the November 24, 2023 deadline.

Are Criminal Charges Required to File?

Sexual assault, sexual misconduct, and other types of sexual abuse are serious crimes that can land offenders in prison. However, the criminal justice system is unique from the civil justice system, which is a benefit for many of the women who want to file a claim against their abusers at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility. Due to this separation, you can file a civil lawsuit for sexual abuse at Bedford Hills even if your abuser was never charged, convicted, or investigated for a sex crime.

In similar prison sex abuse lawsuits, like those involving Bayview Correctional Facility, Albion Correctional Facility, and Rikers Island, it has often been shown that prison authorities and administrators actively attempted to cover up the abuses. Even if they succeeded and no criminal charges were filed against an officer who sexually assaulted or raped an inmate, the survivor can still use a civil claim to seek compensation and justice.

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