LK Lead Poisoning Attorney Obtains $2.4 Million Verdict in New York Lead Poisoning Lawsuit

October 24, 2008 – New York lead poisoning attorney from Levy Konigsberg LLP wins a lead poisoning lawsuit, obtaining a verdict totaling $2,435,000.00 for a child in Bronx, New York.

BRONX, New York, October 24, 2008 – New York lead poisoning attorney from Levy Konigsberg LLP wins a lead poisoning lawsuit1, obtaining a verdict totaling $2,435,000.00 for a child in Bronx, New York.

At a very early age, Sabrina was exposed to peeling lead-based paint and lead-based paint dust while residing in a City-owned apartment building in Bronx, NY. At the age of two, Sabrina underwent a routine blood test that revealed a blood lead level of 29 mg/dl. She was tested again later that year and her blood’s lead concentration was found to be 46 mg/dl. Such a concentration is far greater than the generally accepted toxicity threshold of 10 mg/dl.

The apartment, where Sabrina resided, was found to have numerous lead paint hazards by the New York City Department of Health soon after Sabrina was diagnosed with lead poisoning. The City was aware that Sabrina was living in the apartment. The City was also aware, from the time Sabrina moved in soon after she was born, that the apartment had peeling and chipping lead-based paint. Sabrina’s mother had made numerous complaints about the peeling paint in the apartment to the City employees in charge of maintaining the building, yet nothing was done prior to Sabrina being lead poisoned. The City also knew, 2 years before Sabrina’s lead-paint poisoning, that another young child had been lead poisoned in another apartment in the same building.

The jury concluded that the City of New York, who was the owner and manager of this building, was negligent in failing to maintain the apartment in accordance with the Laws of the State and the City of New York.

The jury found that Sabrina’s lead paint poisoning caused her cognitive, attentional, learning, and memory deficits. As a result of her lead poisoning, which caused Sabrina’s brain damage, she performed very poorly in school. With great effort, she was able to graduate from high school but was unable to perform in community college after her enrollment. After two years and only a handful of college credits, Sabrina was forced to drop out of community college. Had Sabrina not been brain damaged by the lead paint hazards in the apartment, she would have gone on to graduate from college and potentially even graduate school. Instead, she now works as a waitress. The jury gave Sabrina $1.6 Million in future loss of earnings, based on her injuries.

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