NEW YORK, New York, September 30, 2014 – Yesterday, after more than two weeks of trial, a New York Supreme Court jury rendered a personal injury verdict in the amount of $7 Million in favor of a Long Island man who brought a mesothelioma lawsuit against National Grid Generation LLC (“National Grid”), as successor to Long Island Lighting Company (“LILCO”).

The plaintiff, in this case, is suffering from mesothelioma, terminal cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. He was exposed to asbestos while participating in the construction of LILCO’s power station in Northport, Long Island, from 1966 to 1972.

During the trial, the plaintiff testified that he was exposed to visible asbestos dust that was caused by a number of work activities in his vicinity, including applying the asbestos spray to insulate boilers, insulating pipes with asbestos-containing materials, cutting asbestos block, and mixing asbestos cement. He further testified that LILCO took no action, including posting warnings or providing protective equipment, to prevent or reduce the amount of asbestos dust he was exposed to for more than two years.

The industrial hygienist called in by the plaintiff’s mesothelioma attorneys testified that the fact that the plaintiff was exposed to visible asbestos dust demonstrated that the air contamination at his workplace exceeded by more than 5 times the Threshold Limit Value – also known as the Maximum Allowable Concentration – which was adopted in New York State for asbestos exposures in the workplace during the years in which the Northport power plant was constructed.

The plaintiff was represented by Jerome H. Block, a partner and mesothelioma lawyer at Levy Konigsberg LLP, a nationally-recognized asbestos litigation firm, which has been representing victims of asbestos exposure from across the country for close to 30 years. Mr. Block’s co-counsel at trial was attorney Clayton Thompson, of the St. Lous, MO, based law firm, Maune Raichle Hartley French & Mudd, LLC.

Mesothelioma is an incurable aggressive cancer that is only caused by exposure to asbestos. Among the most frequently affected organs are the linings of the lungs and abdomen. Asbestos is also known to cause lung cancer and asbestosis, a fibrosis of the lungs.

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