Levy Konigsberg civil rights attorney Jacob Jordan was quoted in a recent article covering litigation surrounding the death of Robert Loggins, an unarmed man who was screaming for help while experiencing an acute mental health crisis in the early morning hours of November 29, 2018. Officers tased Loggins and struck him with a flashlight repeatedly before handcuffing and taking him to jail, where he perished under the weight of law enforcement who exerted pressure on his body for more than three minutes while he lay prone and handcuffed on the jail floor.

Jacob Jordan, along with Victor Fleitas and Rhea Tannehill filed suit in a Mississippi federal court on behalf of Robert Loggins’ family in 2020. The suit alleged multiple constitutional claims against five police officers for their exertion of excessive force and failure to render adequate medical care. All five officers asked the Court to dismiss the case by asserting qualified immunity, a doctrine that sometimes shields police from litigation and halts the proceedings until the Court rules as to whether the officers are entitled to qualified immunity. In a recent decision by United States District Judge Sharion Aycock, the Court ruled that none of the five officers are entitled to qualified immunity on any of the claims alleged, and the case may proceed to discovery. Loggins’ family also asserted claims against the City of Grenada and Corrections Management Services Inc. Both parties filed motions to dismiss the case, but the Court denied both motions and permitted the case to proceed against them.

In the article, renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden discusses the death of Robert Loggins in the context of the death of George Floyd and Tyre Nichols. When reached for comment, Levy Konigsberg Attorney Jacob Jordan was quoted in the article, “The court’s decision is an important milestone in the family’s quest for justice, and they are prepared to fight for as long as it takes”.

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