The Appeal, a popular law-focused newsroom, has published an article featuring Levy Konigsberg Attorney-Partner Anna Kull for her work on New York Adult Survivors Act (ASA) lawsuits. Although the sexual abuse litigation team at Levy Konigsberg and Attorney Kull, the law firm’s media contact and spearheading attorney for such cases, have been investigating New York prison sexual abuse cases for some time now, it was only announced recently that lawsuits had been filed against the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (NYS DOCCS), the New York City Department of Corrections (NYC DOC), and other defendants. Specifically, 20 Albion Correctional Facility sexual abuse lawsuits have been filed with at least 50 more filed soon, and 10 Rikers Island sexual abuse lawsuits have been filed with at least 100 more filed soon.

In The Appeal article featuring Attorney Kull, the stories of female inmates who were sexually abused in prison were shared, including a focus on a woman who was incarcerated at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility. In the late ‘90s, a lieutenant of the prison relentlessly coerced her into engaging in sexual activities. Even if he never used violence or intimidation, his actions were categorically sexual abuse because New York law makes it impossible for a prisoner to consent to sexual acts with prison officials. Furthermore, as Attorney Kull pointed out so clearly in the article, “A woman who is incarcerated cannot escape her abuser,” which creates an even greater power dynamic that thrives under a culture of abuse.

Attorney Kull also shared with The Appeal that she was “definitely taken aback by the similarities of [the female inmates’] stories.” When women began to speak up about the sexual abuse that was rampant in their New York correctional facilities, common details would appear in most of the reports, even when the women had never met and had served time in completely different incarceration centers. Inspired by these stories and following her passion for justice, Attorney Kull is proud to be leading the charge to file sexual abuse lawsuits on behalf of as many former female inmates as possible.

The Appeal is not the first important newsgroup that has featured Attorney Anna Kull, either. She was recently featured on a cover story for the New York Daily News and in a short documentary – A Chance for Justice: Life After Abuse in Prison – by Brut Media. Both pieces share the stories of women who were sexually abused by staff and officers in New York prisons, as well as place a focus on Attorney Kull’s determination to secure justice for those women and possibly hundreds more.

If you want to learn more about Levy Konigsberg Attorney Kull’s fight against the correctional departments of New York State and NYC, then you should start with the Brut Media and New York Daily News pieces mentioned above. To read the full article featuring Attorney Kull from The Appeal, you can click here to visit the newsroom’s official website. If you need our firm’s help with a prison sexual abuse case, then please call (800) 315-3806 immediately. The New York Adult Survivors Act lookback window closes this November, so time to take action is unfortunately limited


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