Levy Konigsberg has filed nearly a dozen new sexual abuse lawsuits on behalf of women formerly incarcerated at the Taconic Correctional Facility in Bedford Hills, NY.

Our sexual abuse team, led by Partner Anna Kull, filed 10 lawsuits against the State of New York for its failure to protect female inmates from repeated sexual abuse while they were incarcerated at Taconic.

The lawsuits claim that our clients were sexually assaulted, abused, and harassed by correctional officers and other prison staff, and that abusers used their positions of authority and threats of retaliation to keep them quiet. They also cite extensive evidence and documentation that show the New York Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS) knew about rampant staff-on-inmate sexual abuse at its female prisons but failed to act.

NY Adult Survivors Act: More Prison Abuse Suits on the Horizon

These and other prison sexual abuse lawsuits filed by our firm have been made possible by the NY Adult Survivors Act, a groundbreaking law that provides sexual abuse victims with new opportunities to file claims against institutions that failed to protect them – even if those claims would typically be barred by the state’s statute of limitations.

  • The Adult Survivors Act means that adults who were sexually abused while incarcerated at NY jails or prisons at any time in the past can step forward to file lawsuits.
  • To recover compensation under the Act, survivors must file claims within the temporary one-year lookback window – which ends on November 24, 2023.

Learn more about the Adult Survivors Act.

Levy Konigsberg: Seeking Justice for Women’s Prison Sex Abuse Survivors

Our firm’s recent filings are just the latest development in our ongoing work to help former female inmates sexually abused by officers and staff.

Since last fall, our firm has filed dozens of claims on behalf of women sexually abused at jails and prisons in New York – and we continue to hear from more survivors who are ready to step forward. Our cases have also been profiled in the media, including a NY Daily News Cover Story.

Read more about some of our filings:

Levy Konigsberg is continuing to fight for former inmates sexually abused at New York women’s prisons, and has more lawsuits in the works. If you have questions about the Adult Survivors Act or a potential claim involving abuse at Taconic Correctional Facility or another jail or prison, call or contact us for a FREE consultation.


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