Before law school, Kimberly had a successful career as a news producer for the ABC affiliate in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Kimberly leans into that journalism experience when crafting compelling, moving narratives for her clients and the firm. She planned and executed an 1,800-person outreach about the water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi when it was dominating national headlines. Levy Konigsberg also sent Kimberly to assist with CNN’s flash-documentary “Shaken: Baby Powder on Trial.

“My litigation and communications expertise provides clients with a confident voice to tell their story. These are victims who, ordinarily, would not be able to hold entities accountable for the damage they caused. What a privilege it is to connect with and advocate for people from all walks of life!”

Kimberly currently specializes in toxic torts with a focus on clients diagnosed with mesothelioma from exposure to Johnson’s Baby Powder and talcum powder. She fiercely defends her clients during depositions so they may communicate confidently. Prior to joining that department, Kimberly was instrumental in getting litigation off the ground in the Jackson and Benton Harbor Water Crises. Kimberly has drafted motions for federal court and won her first two motions.

Kimberly was recently appointed to the ABA Young Lawyers Division First-Generation Leadership Team where she works to support current and aspiring lawyers who are the first in their family to practice law. “I would not be where I am today without the outpouring of support I’ve received from other first-gen lawyers. It’s hard to navigate this industry without someone shining a light on your path. I want to give back to others in that same way.”

Kimberly moved to New York City from Jackson, Mississippi two years ago. She lives in Brooklyn with her dog, Mikey, and they visit family back home as much as possible