Meet Christopher Ganz, a relentless trial attorney who joined Levy Konigsberg at the beginning of 2023 with nearly a decade of courtroom experience. Chris has received trial training and has effectively concluded jury trials related to disturbing accusations of sexual and physical maltreatment, demonstrating a deep awareness of the importance of thoroughly investigating every facet of each case. Many of these cases involved repeat offenders who wrongly believed they could evade responsibility for their abusive patterns of behavior. Before he joined Levy Konigsberg, Chris spent countless hours standing up for victims, including exposing these abusers as they tried to manipulate the court system. He has successfully cross-examined not only expert witnesses called to testify on behalf of these abusers, but also, the abusers themselves.

In his current practice representing both child and adult survivors of sexual abuse, Chris pursues accountability and justice for those who have been victimized by authority figures like doctors, teachers, and priests, many of whom were emboldened and even protected by the positions they held in their communities. To do so, Chris focuses on flipping the power dynamic by providing a voice to those who have been unfairly ignored. He is determined to spend as much time as is needed to build genuine rapport with his clients so that they know he is a motivated advocate who is in their corner.

“These cases are so important because they allow sexual assault survivors the opportunity to share their previously untold stories. It is remarkable to see their courage as they advocate for themselves by speaking about how they were wronged. At the same time, I have the privilege of watching them set strong examples and inspire others who find themselves in similar situations.”


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