Levy Konigsberg Partner Anna Kull was recently quoted by Gothamist in an article discussing a flood of civil sexual abuse lawsuits our firm is planning to file before a critical deadline under the New York Adult Survivors Act expires in November.

As noted by Gothamist, Anna and our firm have been working with a growing number of women who were sexually abused while incarcerated in jails and prisons across the country, and currently expects to have more than 500 individual suits filed on behalf of former female inmates from New York alone by next month.

In her interview, Anna notes how several of the cases we are handling involve claims against the same correction officers, a number of whom have been identified as habitual offenders with credible accusations lodged against them or criminal charges and convictions.

Anna also acknowledged how the fact that these survivors have identified the same perpetrators years or decades apart – and how women from numerous facilities statewide have shockingly similar stories of staff-on-inmate abuse – speaks volumes about pervasive problems within New York women’s prisons, and the negligence and culture of concealment created by prison operators. These claims, she notes, are intended to secure justice for survivors and hold the at-fault City and State agencies accountable:

“They employed the individual who committed the assault. They’re the ones who implemented or failed to implement certain policies and procedures to prevent the assault. And, many times, they may have been complicit in covering it up.”

You can read the full Gothamist article featuring Partner Anna Kull’s interview here.

NY Adults Survivors Act Temporary Filing Window Ends November 24th

The hundreds of claims that are soon to be filed by our firm have been made possible by the NY Adult Survivors Act.

As groundbreaking legislation, the Adult Survivors Act created new and much-needed opportunities for survivors of sexual abuse to step forward with their claims, as research has shown that it can take years or decades for survivors to process their abuse and speak out, especially in situations where abusers yield as much power and authority as prison guards.

One of the most critical components of the Act was the creation of a temporary one-year lookback window that gave sexual abuse survivors a chance to file civil claims against entities and institutions that failed to protect them – no matter how long ago the abuse occurred, and even if their claims were previously barred by the statute of limitations.

The deadline for the Act’s temporary filing window is November 24, 2023.

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Levy Konigsberg is a nationally recognized trial practice with a legacy of litigating high states sexual abuse lawsuits. As the NY Adult Survivors Act filing window deadline approaches, we encourage all survivors with potential claims to contact our team as soon as possible. If you were abused at a New York women’s prison or jail at any time in the past, this may be your final opportunity to seek the justice and compensation you deserve.

You can learn more about NY women’s prison sexual abuse lawsuits on our website and can call (800) 315-3806 or contact us online to discuss a potential case. Consultations are FREE and confidential.


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