Levy Konigsberg’s ongoing work fighting for survivors who were sexually abused in jails and prisons across New York was recently covered in another article published by Prism Reports.

As with the previous Prism piece published in August, the latest investigative report focuses on the New York Adult Survivors Act and how its groundbreaking one-year filing window closes at the end of November.

The Act, which gives survivors of sexual abuse an unprecedented opportunity to file civil lawsuits over abuse that occurred at any time in the past, has given rise to thousands of claims – including hundreds of lawsuits being handled by Levy Konigsberg on behalf of women who were sexually abused while incarcerated in correctional facilities across New York.

When Prism ran its initial story covering the Adult Survivors Act in August, Levy Konigsberg had been working with over 350 former female inmates. Now, our team is planning to file more than 500 individual lawsuits and is still speaking with other survivor looking to explore their legal options prior to the Act’s claim window closing on November 24, 2023.

Prism Profiles Survivors’ Stories

Prism’s latest report shares the stories of four survivors being represented by Levy Konigsberg. The stories highlight the abuse and violence endured by the survivors and how the trauma continues to impact their lives.

They also help illuminate the importance of the work being done by our firm – not only when it comes to helping individual survivors seek the justice and compensation they deserve, but also in terms of holding local city and state agencies accountable for decades of failures.

The stories covered by Prism are powerful and important and show just how brave these survivors are. Featured in the article are the experiences of four separate survivors, including:

  • A woman who was sexually assaulted by a corrections officer at the age of 19 while incarcerated at the Rose M. Singer Center on Riker’s Island in 1990, and again in 2008 by a different officer.
  • A woman who endured repeated abuse at the hands of officers while incarcerated at Rosie’s and Groveland Correctional Facility in Livingston County in the 1990s.
  • A woman who was sexually assaulted by four officers at Rosie’s in 2014, and by another officer while she was incarcerated, and pregnant, at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility.
  • A woman who was coerced and sexually assaulted by a corrections officer while incarcerated at Bedford Hills in 2016.

The women’s experiences, though they occurred at different times and in different facilities, all bear shocking similarities. This includes not only the same abusive staff members, but also the same practices and actions abusive guards relied on to exploit their power over incarcerated women, engage in unlawful sexual relationships or patterns of abuse, and intimidate their victims into staying silent.

At Levy Konigsberg, we believe these women and the thousands of others like them have every right to make their voices heard. As we continue to file the many lawsuits we’ve compiled over the past year, we also want to let other survivors with potential claims know that now is the time to step forward.

With our support and resources, we can help survivors evaluate their options for pursuing justice under the Adult Survivors Act and explain what we can do to protect their rights and confidentiality along the way. Because there is such a limited time left before the deadline expires, we encourage all survivors to immediately contact our firm.

The deadline for claims filed under the New York Adult Survivors Act closes on November 24, 2023. If you have a potential case, Levy Konigsberg is standing by immediately to help.

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