Levy Konigsberg is currently investigating potential claims from survivors who were sexually abused by deceased Jesuit priest and high school chaplain Rev. Frank Canfield. 

Canfield worked as a chaplain at the Saint Ignatius High School in Toledo, Ohio from 2006 to 2014. Last year, a former Saint Ignatius student alleged that he had been abused by Canfield during the 2011-2012 school year following a letter sent to all school alumni by the school.

That allegation was found to be credible (in March 2024) upon review by the Jesuit Order’s Midwest Province, which stated that “there is reasonable certainty that it occurred.” This followed an earlier allegation of abuse involving Canfield’s time at St. John’s Jesuit High School in Toledo, which was also found to be credible.

While Canfield is no longer living, the consequences of his actions live on for survivors of his abuse – many of whom may have legal options for pursuing financial recovery as a result of the pain and suffering they endured at St. John’s Jesuit High School or Saint Ignatius High School.

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Canfield’s History of Abuse and Exploitation

Canfield’s abuse spans decades and there may be more survivors who have not yet come forward. The timeline of events known thus far includes:

  • 1970s – 1980s: Rev. Canfield served as a teacher at the University of Detroit Jesuit High School
  • 1990 – 2005: Rev. Canfield served as teacher at St. John’s Jesuit High School in Toledo
    • 2000: Alleged sexual abuse occurred
  • 2006-2014: Rev. Canfield served as counselor/chaplain/teacher at Saint Ignatius
    • 2011-2012: Alleged sexual abuse occurred
  • 2022: First sexual abuse allegation made against Canfield, regarding abuse at St. John’s
  • 2023: Rev. Frank Canfield died at the age of 87
    • October 2023: First sexual abuse allegation deemed credible
    • December 2023: Second sexual abuse allegation made against Canfield, regarding abuse at St. Ignatius
  • March 2024: Second sexual abuse allegation deemed credible

Leading the Way for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

The current law in Ohio caps the statute of limitations for child sex abuse cases at the age of adulthood plus 12 years, which means that survivors sexually abused as minors typically only have until the age of 30 to file a claim. 

However, there is pending legislation that could change this, potentially extending the statute of limitations for victims of sexual abuse, no matter their age at the time of the alleged abuse. 

The law firm of Levy Konigsberg has a prestigious reputation for working with the victims of child sexual abuse and is a nationwide trial law firm with a proven track record of representing survivors of sexual abuse. We have the strength, size, and resources needed to file lawsuits against government agencies, religious groups, medical institutions, and more. 

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