Levy Konigsberg is currently investigating potential claims from survivors who were sexually abused by faculty members at Miss Hall in Massachusetts, including teacher Matthew Rutledge.

Rutledge worked as a history teacher at Miss Hall in Pittsfield, Massachusetts from 1991 to 2024. Early in 2024, Melissa Fares, a former student of Miss Hall and Rutledge, came forward with allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation both during her time at the school and after she had graduated. 

The school placed Rutledge on administrative leave on March 27 and days after this he chose to resign his position. Additional women came forward since the initial allegation was made public, stating that Rutledge also sexually abused them during their time at Miss Hall. 

Miss Hall released a statement claiming that they were ‘initiating a neutral, external investigation’ into the information that had been received by all of the women. 

While survivors of sexual abuse at Miss Hall school have been resilient in the face of these childhood traumas resulting from the school’s negligence, they have suffered and continue to suffer from the loss of their innocence and trust because of a school that you have been a place of safety and support for them. 

Many of these women, and additional women who may not yet have come forward, may have legal options for pursuing financial recovery as a result of the pain and suffering they endured at Miss Hall school. 

If you have a potential case, we want to help.

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History of Abuse and Exploitation at Miss Hall

Sexual abuse at Miss Hall School appears to have spanned decades, with the first reports coming in related to his early years of teaching, and there may yet be more survivors to come. The timeline of events known thus far includes: 

Bravery of Miss Hall Abuse Survivors in the Face of Trauma

Melissa Fares graduated from Miss Hall in 2010, and alleged that Rutledge groomed her, sexually abused her, and exploited her during her time at Miss Hall and for a period of time after. 

While she is not believed to have been Rutledge’s first victim during his 33 years at Miss Hall, she was the first to come forward and pave the way for other survivors to make their own statements and tell their own stories.

The original post was made on Facebook to an alumni page of girls who had attended Miss Hall. Since then, hers has not been the only post made by girls who attended the school as more have come forward to allege their own experiences or their own knowledge of rumors during their time at the school. 

In fact, it has been publicly reported that within only a week of the original post, a new Facebook group popped up with over 600 members talking about what had happened at Miss Hall.

Whether they were all sexually abused/mistreated/exploited or whether some of them are simply there in solidarity with those who were is unknown, however, the fact that so many former students have come together in such a short time is a sign that, whatever else was happening at Miss Hall, the sisterhood formed there was strong. 

Leading the Way for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

The current law in Massachusetts states that legal proceedings for sexual abuse cases against minors must be brought within 35 years of the abuse or within 7 years of the discovery of damages. This means that the timeline to report and file a civil case related to the abuse could vary from one individual to the next. 

However, understanding these laws could be more complex than simple numbers. This means that working with an attorney is always the best course of action.

The law firm of Levy Konigsberg has a prestigious reputation for working with the victims of child sexual abuse and is a nationwide trial law firm with a proven track record of representing survivors of sexual abuse. We have the strength, size, and resources needed to file lawsuits against government agencies, religious groups, medical institutions, and more. 

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