Levy Konigsberg attorneys Anna Kull and Sonia Allahdad have filed a lawsuit against the Devereux Foundation on behalf of 18 brave survivors of childhood sexual abuse perpetrated by stafff members at various residential treatment programs for children operated by the Devereux Foundation.

The Devereux Foundation is a nationwide nonprofit organization that purports to provide clinical, therapeutic, educational, and employment programs and services to children with intellectual, developmental, mental health, and/or behavioral challenges. The Devereux Foundation has been operating in Pennsylvania since 1938 and currently has several facilities throughout the state, including in West Chester, Malvern, and Glenmore.

Over the last few years, numerous investigations and reports have revealed that children were being sexually abused at Devereux facilities in Pennsylvania for decades, yet the Devereux Foundation turned a blind eye to the crimes committed against them.

However, in 2009 a new law increased the time in which victims of such abuse may file suit, thereby emboldening more survivors to come forward and hold the Devereux Foundation accountable for their suffering.

According to the complaint filed by Levy Konigsberg, children suffered widespread and systemic sexual abuse, ranging from sexual touching to forcible rape, at the hands of staff members, counselors, and supervisors employed by the Devereux Foundation. Now, at least 18 survivors will have a shot at justice.

Levy Konigsberg is at the forefront of the battle on behalf of survivors of childhood sexual abuse committed at Devereux residential treatment programs for children.

In announcing this week’s filings, Levy Konigsberg Partner Anna Kull stated:
“Devereux purports to provide treatment facilities with support services to children in most need of care. The children in these facilities are undeniably vulnerable, are separated from family, and are therefore at a heightened risk of harm and abuse. The devastating reports of sexual violence against children at Devereux facilities exposes the careless and callous organizational practices and policies that have enabled the prevalence of sexual abuse and allow it to continue unreported on a wide scale. Our brave clients are speaking out about their mistreatment as vulnerable children entrusted to Devereux’s care and are helping expose and correct systemic abuses within institutional settings like Devereux.”

Levy Konigsberg represents dozens of survivors of childhood sexual abuse suffered at residential treatment facilities for children throughout Pennsylvania and plans to continue fighting tirelessly on their behalf.

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