Levy Konigsberg Attorneys Anna Kull and Rebecca Kimmel filed a lawsuit this week against VisionQuest National, Ltd. (“VisionQuest”) on behalf of 20 brave survivors of childhood sexual abuse perpetrated by staff members at Pennsylvania residential rehabilitative facilities run by VisionQuest.

VisionQuest is a for-profit corporation that was established in 1973 as a residential treatment program for vulnerable young people.  Although VisionQuest purports to provide safe and effective rehabilitative residential programs for at-risk youth, numerous former VisionQuest residents have come forward asserting widespread, systemic sexual abuse committed by VisionQuest staff at VisionQuest facilities, including VisionQuest facilities in Pennsylvania. It is clear that VisionQuest failed over and over, for decades, to protect the children entrusted to VisonQuest’s care and turned a blind eye to their suffering, as detailed in the complaint filed this week.

Despite numerous documented and publicized incidents of sexual abuse perpetrated by staff members at VisionQuest facilities, VisionQuest continues to operate facilities across the country, including in Pennsylvania, and continues to actively seek to open new facilities to house vulnerable youth.

Our legal team is leading the way in investigating sexual abuse claims from survivors of sexual abuse committed at VisionQuest and other juvenile facilities in Pennsylvania.

Leading the Way for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Levy Konigsberg and its team of dedicated trial attorneys are at the forefront of childhood sexual abuse litigation, having filed hundreds of lawsuits nationwide on behalf of survivors.

In announcing this week’s filings, Levy Konigsberg Partner Anna Kull stated:
“Sexual abuse in institutional settings is usually not just the result of the perpetrator’s evil. But and as seen in the VisionQuest cases, it is often the actions and inactions of employees of the institution all acting carelessly that allow abusive conditions to exist in the first place. This lawsuit is a chance for survivors to take steps forward in healing their traumas, and in helping expose and correct the failures that permit sexual violence against children to persist within the institutions designed to protect them.”

Levy Konigsberg represents hundreds of survivors of sexual abuse at Pennsylvania juvenile detention and rehabilitative facilities and plans to continue fighting tirelessly on their behalf.

Levy Konigsberg is a nationwide trial law firm with a proven track record of representing survivors of sexual abuse. We have the strength, size, and resources needed to file lawsuits against government agencies, religious groups, medical institutions, and more. If you want to know if you can file a claim for child sexual abuse that occurred at VisionQuest, or another juvenile detention center or residential rehabilitative facility in Pennsylvania, then speak with our team today.             

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