Over 250 brave survivors have come forward to demand justice after enduring child sex abuse at juvenile detention facilties throughout New York City perpetrated by adult employees. Represented by Levy Konigsberg Attorneys Jerome Block and Madeleine Skaller, over 100 more survivors filed sexual abuse lawsuits Tuesday following the filing of more than 150 similar cases in late April. The lawsuits are filed against the City of New York for the sexual abuse these survivors suffered while confined at juvenile detention facilities at the hands of City employees. Some of these individuals were sexually abused at multiple juvenile detention facilities in New York City. 

Of the over 100 cases filed on Tuesday, more than 50 of these cases have been brought on behalf of survivors of Brooklyn’s Crossroads Juvenile Center, which along with Horizon Juvenile Center in the Bronx, remain open to this day. The City closed the Spofford facility in 2011 and stopped sending juvenile to Riker’s Island in late 2018.

Despite widespread reports, investigations, and campaigns to close or reform these juvenile detention facilities, the City of New York has allowed a culture of sexual abuse and brutality to continue unabated. The abuse endured by these plaintiffs stretches across decades. Sexual abuse of children at New York City’s juvenile detention facilities including Crossroads and Horizon Juvenile Center likely continues to this day.

The suits filed by Levy Konigsberg were brought under the recently amended Victims of Gender-Motivated Violence Protection Law. Enacted in 2000, the Victims of Gender-Motivated Violence Protection Law, provides legal pathways for victims of this type of sexual abuse to pursue damages from their abusers and from the institutions that enabled the abuse. In 2022, The New York City Council passed a groundbreaking law to create a two year look back window for survivors to file civil suits against their perpetrators and the institutions that failed to protect them, even if it has been years or decades since the sexual abuse took place. This lookback window is open until March 1, 2025, and allows survivors a meaningful opportunity to seek justice.

According to the lawsuits, many different staff at New York City juvenile detention centers were involved in sexual abuse, such as:

  • Correctional Officers
  • Counselors
  • Supervisors
  • Teachers
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • And others

Despite the widespread and well-known sexual abuse of children at New York City juvenile detention centers, the City has done little to protect these children or to punish their abusers. It is this pattern of negligence on the part of the City that has prompted the filing of these lawsuits. The City’s shocking negligence in its failure to stop the sexual abuse of children in its juvenile detention facilities is detailed in the complaint that was filed this week. 

Leading the Way for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse 

The Childhood Sexual Abuse Act provides legal pathways for victims of this type of sexual abuse to pursue damages from their abusers and from the institutions that enabled the abuse by increasing the time in which survivors of sexual abuse are permitted to come forward and file civil lawsuits.

Levy Konigsberg and its team of dedicated trial attorneys are at the forefront of childhood sexual abuse litigation, having filed hundreds of lawsuits nationwide on behalf of survivors. 

In announcing these latest filings, Levy Konigsberg Partner Jerome Block stated:

“With over 250 cases already filed, it’s time for Mayor Adams and the City agencies operating these juvenile facilities to accept responsibility for the ongoing problem of sexual abuse in the City’s juvenile detention centers. This rampant, institutionalized sexual abuse has persisted for many decades and there is no evidence that the City has done anything to fix its procedures to ensure the safety of children in the New York City juvenile system. It’s outrageous and appalling that the perpetrators of this horrific sexual abuse are the very adult staff members that were supposed to keep children safe. Our clients want justice, accountability and for sexual abuse in New York City juvenile detentions centers to end.”

Levy Konigsberg represents hundreds of survivors of sexual abuse at New York City’s juvenile detention facilities and plans to continue fighting tirelessly on their behalf.

Levy Konigsberg is a nationwide trial law firm with a proven track record of representing survivors of sexual abuse. We have the strength, size, and resources needed to file lawsuits against government agencies, religious groups, medical institutions, and more. If you want to know if you can file a claim for child sexual abuse that occurred at Crossroads Juvenile Center, Horizon Juvenile Center, Riker’s Island, Spofford Juvenile Detention Center, or other juvenile detention centers in New York City, then speak with our team today.

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