Twelve courageous survivors of sexual abuse perpetrated by staff members at St. Gabriel’s Hall, a juvenile detention facility in Audubon, Pennsylvania, have come forward to seek justice. Represented by Levy Konigsberg Attorneys John Guinan and Christopher Ganz, twelve survivors filed a sexual abuse lawsuit this week against St. Gabriel’s Hall for the sexual abuse they suffered while they were residents there at the hands of employees.  

Our legal team is leading the way in investigating sexual abuse claims from former juvenile detainees in Pennsylvania at St. Gabriel’s Hall, and other facilities.  

For many years, Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable children have been sexually abused, neglected, and traumatized at juvenile detention facilities throughout the state, including St. Gabriel’s Hall. As a result of Pennsylvania’s practice of sending children to juvenile detention facilities like St. Gabriel’s Hall for minor offenses, behavioral problems, and school absences, many children who would have benefitted from a positive atmosphere truly dedicated to their wellbeing were instead exposed to a corrosive environment in which abuse by staff members was an all-too-common occurrence. Although St. Gabriel’s Hall was supposed to be a rehabilitation center named after “the patron saint for rebellious youth,” there is a long history of abuse perpetrated by staff members at the facility against its vulnerable residents, many of whom were subjected to repeated acts of abuse and threats, all in the place where they should have been safe. These well-known incidents of abuse fostered and defined a toxic environment that did anything but rehabilitate its residents, which continued until St. Gabriel’s Hall was closed in December of 2020.  

While St. Gabriel’s Hall is closed, other juvenile detention facilities in Pennsylvania remain open to this day. 

According to the lawsuit, many different staff at St. Gabriel’s Hall were involved in sexual abuse, such as: 

  • Correctional/detention officers 
  • Drill Sergeants  
  • Counselors 
  • Supervisors 
  • Teachers 
  • Nurses 
  • Medical staff members  
  • And others 

Despite the widespread and well-known sexual abuse of minor residents at St. Gabriel’s Hall, little has been done to protect these children or to punish their abusers. It is this pattern of negligence on the part of St. Gabriel’s Hall that prompted this lawsuit. The shocking negligence that facilitated the sexual abuse of far too many minors at the facility is detailed in the complaint that was filed this week.   

Leading the Way for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse 

Levy Konigsberg and its team of dedicated trial attorneys are at the forefront of childhood sexual abuse litigation, having filed hundreds of lawsuits nationwide on behalf of survivors.  These lawsuits have been covered by numerous news outlets in articles highlighting the stories of brave survivors whose voices are finally being heard.  [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] 

In announcing this week’s filings, Levy Konigsberg Partner John Guinan stated: 

“Our clients were sent to St. Gabriel’s with the promise of a structured setting focused on rehabilitation.  They should have been safe there, but instead, they were trapped in a corrosive environment where they were used and abused by the very staff members who were supposed to promote their wellbeing.  Many of them were groomed, degraded, threatened, and without any means of protection.  This abdication of oversight compels accountability of both the facility as well as the predatory abusers.  Although St. Gabriel’s closed in 2020, the countless stories of abuse cannot stay buried; filing these lawsuits brought by these brave survivors and exposing the rampant abuse inflicted on children at this facility is just the first step toward upending the power dynamic that facilitated this abuse.   

We are honored to pursue justice on behalf of these survivors, but most Pennsylvania sex abuse survivors are not able to have their voices heard in this way. This is because Pennsylvania lawmakers have not passed a revival law to allow these suits to proceed. Levy Konigsberg represents hundreds of Pennsylvania clergy abuse survivors whose voices are currently silenced and who are unable to seek justice under the current laws. This must change, and lawmakers must act immediately to protect children.”   

Levy Konigsberg represents hundreds of survivors of sexual abuse at Pennsylvania’s juvenile detention facilities and plans to continue fighting tirelessly on their behalf. 

Levy Konigsberg is a nationwide trial law firm with a proven track record of representing survivors of sexual abuse. We have the strength, size, and resources needed to file lawsuits against government agencies, religious groups, medical institutions, and more. If you want to know if you can file a claim for child sexual abuse that occurred at St. Gabriel’s Hall, or another juvenile detention center in Pennsylvania, then speak with our team today. 

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