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Brain Damage Lawyer on the Causes and Symptoms of Brain Damage

brain damageWhile brain damage is often caused by traumatic brain injuries, attorneys understand that symptoms of brain damage can be detected in people who have not suffered physical trauma to the brain. Brain damage attorneys understand that brain damage is term that includes a number of specific situations that result in damage to the tissues or cells of the brain. Damage to these delicate cells and tissues can be caused by lack of oxygen (anoxic brain damage), or reduced oxygen supply (hypoxic brain damage). Brain damage injury attorneys see cases where a person will show the symptoms of brain damage after a near drowning, for example. Brain damage can, of course, also be caused by trauma, such as a car accident or fall from a height, as well as exposure to toxic chemicals or heavy metals, such as lead.

The brain damage attorneys at Levy Konigsberg LLP specialize in helping patients understand both the medical and legal issues involved in all types of complicated brain damage cases, as well as key symptoms of brain damage that may otherwise go undetected by family members. We have prosecuted cases involving brain damage caused by medical malpractice, lead paint poisoning, and birth defects due to toxic chemical exposure during the pregnancy.

Attorneys and doctors alike have seen the symptoms of brain damage range from very subtle to quite extreme. These symptoms include: seizures, paralysis, loss of consciousness, vision problems, vertigo, dizziness, coma or semi comatose state, headaches, slurred speech, or altered mental status. Because the brain is the center of the nervous system for the entire body, brain injury attorneys have seen cases where injuries can disrupt the messages intended for the rest of the body. For example, brain damage frequently results in loss of bowel or bladder control as well as spastic movements of the arms and legs.

Brain cells require oxygen to survive and perform their functions. Oxygen is delivered to the brain by the blood. Stopping of blood flow to the brain (anoxia), even for a short time, can result in brain damage. In addition, a slowing of blood flow to the brain (hypoxia) can also result in severe brain damage.

Anoxic or hypoxic brain injury is often seen in the context of medical negligence. The brain damage and injury attorneys at LK are experienced in medical negligence cases, such as obstetrical malpractice resulting in trauma and hypoxia at birth, or damage to the baby’s brain during the pregnancy, failure to monitor patients in respiratory distress, anesthesia malpractice, improperly treated stroke or heart attack, or medication errors that can result in brain damage symptoms and send a patient into a downward spiral of respiratory distress and brain damage.

As mentioned before, brain damage attorneys and doctors witness many brain damage cases where there has been no physical trauma to the brain itself. Other causes of anoxic or hypoxic brain damage include airway obstruction, such as choking or improper placement of a breathing tube or feeding tube by a doctor or nurse. For example, a feeding tube misplaced in the patient’s lungs, will cause the patient to drown on the liquid food administered through the tube to feed him. Crush injuries to the chest, if not timely and properly treated by medical personnel, can also cause respiratory distress and hypoxic or anoxic brain damage, where the patient does not show symptoms of brain damage until after being admitted to the hospital or medical center.

Infections, hormonal imbalances or metabolic disturbances can also injure the tissues and cells of the brain. Brain damage attorneys have seen several other rare conditions such as benign tumors or auto immune diseases that can also result in brain damage if not properly treated.

The brain can also be damaged due to trauma (known as “traumatic brain injuries” or “TBI”), heavy metal toxicity, such as lead paint, or chemical exposures, such as carbon monoxide poisoning. Brain damage of any kind involves damage to a complex system of anatomical structures, nerves, hormones and muscles. Lifelong medical treatment is often necessary as a result of these brain injuries. Attorneys like Levy Konigsberg LLP who have worked a multitude of medical malpractice suits, understand the difficulty when caring for a loved one who is now displaying the symptoms of brain damage.

The intricate scientific and medical knowledge required to understand cases involving brain damage often leave patients confused and frustrated about their legal rights at a time when their health should be their primary concern. This is why it is so important to consult with one of the brain damage attorneys at Levy Konigsberg LLP who are committed to achieving the maximum compensation for victims living with the devastating injuries and symptoms of brain damage.

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