Cancer Cases

Cancer Lawyers Discuss Mesothelioma, Lung Cancer, and Leukemia

The cancer lawyers at Levy Konigsberg LLP (“LK”) have decades of experience obtaining successful outcomes in cancer, product liability and malpractice lawsuits. These questions and answers explain how LK’s cancer lawyers may be able to help you obtain monetary compensation for harm suffered by you or a loved one.

What type of cases does LK’s cancer lawyers handle?

LK’s cancer attorneys handle any case in which a person has developed cancer as the result of dangerous products or the negligence of another. LK’s lawyers also handle cancer malpractice lawsuits involving the failure to diagnose cancer in a timely fashion.

Cancer lawsuits involving dangerous products or the negligence or wrongful conduct of another include:

  • Asbestos can cause mesothelioma and lung cancer;
  • Cigarette smoke can cause lung cancer and leukemia;
  • Benzene can cause leukemia.

LK has won top jury verdicts in asbestos and mesothelioma cancer lawsuits, as well as in tobacco lung cancer cases including menthol cigarettes. LK is actively litigating cases where benzene exposure has caused Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. These are all cases of negligence where the presence of cancer causing chemicals was not relayed to employees or the public, or was used in some way impermissible by the laws of that state.

Cancer malpractice lawsuits involving the negligent failure to diagnose cancer include Breast Cancer and Colon Cancer.

What type of experience does a cancer lawyer need to handle your case?

Cancer, product liability, and malpractice lawsuits are challenging and complex. They involve scientific and medical issues and require the use of experts from many different fields. Handling cancer lawsuits properly also requires experience. LK’s cancer lawyers have decades of experience and a proven track record of success, winning verdicts in multiple cancer lawsuits involving negligence. LK has represented people with cancer from various exposures to cancer causing chemicals and carcinogens ranging from groundwater contamination, to chemicals used in semi-conductor microchips, to second-hand smoke.

At LK we also recognize the personal tragedy that families affected by cancer are experiencing. In representing our clients in cancer malpractice lawsuits, we always strive to serve our clients in all possible ways, and always remember that the quality of life of our clients comes first. We seek to minimize the time that our clients need to spend on the cancer lawsuit, so that our clients’ time can be spent with their families, enjoying life to the fullest. Most of all, we seek to obtain the highest possible recovery for our clients to compensate them fully for their injuries and suffering.

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