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toxic injury lawyerAmerica is facing a cancer epidemic, which is due, in part, to men and women being exposed to toxic chemicals on the job. The attorneys at Levy Konigsberg LLP are at the forefront of New York chemical exposure and toxic tort litigation. With verdicts and recoveries in the tens and hundreds of millions of dollars to its credit, the New York toxic torts attorneys at LK have a distinguished record of helping people who have suffered from exposure to toxic chemicals on and off the job.

Typically, toxic torts and chemical exposure can be directly traced back to one’s job. Dry cleaning and manufacturing workers are often exposed to Benzene, a kidney and blood cancer related solvent. Halogenated Carbon and Glycol Ethers are other toxic chemicals that workers may be exposed to in their jobs. All of these chemicals have been clearly identified as causes of cancer. By working closely with members of the medical and scientific profession, LK toxic tort attorneys provide their clients with the assistance of New York specialists trained in epidemiology, toxicology, pharmacology, industrial hygiene, mineralogy, chemistry, dysmorphology, embryology, oncology, genetics, neurology, pathology, and occupational medicine.

The main problem with the toxic tort lawsuits surrounding the exposure of these chemicals is their latency period. Usually the toxic chemical exposure does not show any signs of damage until 10-30 years after the exposure. By this time, the worker may not still be working for the employer or does not think to link the toxic chemical exposure to the recent tort.

If you, or someone you know, may have been injured, on or off the job, as a result of exposure to toxic chemicals, heavy metals or dusts such as lead, mercury, tungsten, silica, manganese, photoresists, industrial alcohols, asbestos or radiation, contact our New York toxic tort attorneys.

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