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Child Brain Damage – Parenting a Child with Traumatic Brain Injury

child brain damageEach year, thousands of American children are diagnosed with ‘child’ brain damage caused by medical malpractice, lead paint exposure, general negligence or defective products. Parenting a child with a traumatic brain injury can be very difficult as children with brain damage face special obstacles, even when trying to perform the most simple tasks, such as standing unassisted, speaking or playing. The financial consequences of child brain damage range from the cost of medical care to lost wages that will not be felt for years, or decades, in the future. Child brain injury attorneys at Levy Konigsberg, LLC, have helped countless brain damaged children secure monetary awards that have eased these burdens and allowed them a significantly improved chance of overcoming the challenges associated with their injuries.

Brain damage in a child often results in a condition known as cerebral palsy (CP). CP is a type of child brain damage frequently caused by trauma or injury to the brain – before, during, or shortly after birth. CP is commonly related to birth injuries resulting from medical negligence. Parenting a child with a traumatic brain injury can be overwhelming in all cases including in cases where the child suffers from CP, as CP results in developmental delays during the first years of life, such as inability to turn over, reach for objects or to produce words. Child brain injury attorneys often note that child brain damage resulting in CP typically manifests as a lack of muscle coordination of the legs or arms, exaggerated or spastic movements, such as leg dragging, and poor muscle tone. Cerebral palsy can also cause mental and cognitive disability, seizures, vision problems, hearing and/or speech issues, and even loss of bowel or bladder control.

Child brain damage can also caused by prenatal exposure to toxic chemicals or by such exposures during the baby’s first years. For example, lead paint is a common cause of brain damage in children, and can cause significant cognitive and intellectual injuries, including decrease in the child’s IQ. In addition, child brain injury attorneys have proven that various types of solvents, paints and other chemicals that a pregnant woman may be exposed to during the pregnancy have also been associated with brain child brain damage.

Parenting a child with a traumatic brain injury can be extremely difficult, and while brain damage in children is usually permanent to some degree, there are numerous interventions and treatments available to manage even profound disabilities caused by brain damage, and to promote a good quality of life. The earlier this treatment is commenced, the better the chances of some level of recovery. The child brain injury attorneys at Levy Konigsberg LLP have worked cases where treatments have significantly helped a child with brain damage. Speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and psychological assistance are just some of the available interventions. Medications, mechanical and computerized devices, can also provide for a more normal and enjoyable quality of life for a child affected by brain damage.

The child brain injury attorneys at LK who specialize in cases of child brain damage know that the cost of proper therapeutic intervention and treatment can be financially devastating for families of brain damaged children. And, since the effects of brain damage for a child often do not shorten a child’s life-span, parents must be concerned with providing future financial security for their disabled adult child, even after the parents are no longer able to do so. This is where the lawyers at LK may be of assistance. With over twenty five years of experience investigating and prosecuting cases on behalf of families and child brain damage, attorneys at LK have the proven skill and know-how to secure substantial dollar awards in lawsuits against those responsible for these devastating injuries. We have obtained successful verdicts and settlements which permitted the funding of annuities and trusts that make all the difference in maximizing the quality of life for disabled children and their families.

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