Construction Accidents

Construction Accident Lawyers

Most people who are injured in a construction accident suffer catastrophic injuries that may temporarily or permanently impair their ability to work.

There are many types of construction work injuries, which occur due to the abundance of heavy equipment, power tools, ladders, scaffolding, explosives, and solvents, which pose serious risks of permanent disability, injury, or death.



In 2004, 1234 fatal construction accident injuries were recorded by the National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries – the highest number for any industry sector.

If you or a loved one sustained severe personal injuries from any of the following, you may be entitled to compensation:

  • Collapse – structures, trenches, dug out areas;
  • Crane accidents;
  • Defective machinery;
  • Defective tools;
  • Dust – silica, cement, asbestos;
  • Explosives / explosions;
  • Equipment malfunction;
  • Falling ceilings;
  • Falling objects;
  • Falls;
  • Fumes – solvents, fuels, and volatile organic compounds;
  • Railroad and train accidents;
  • Ladder accidents;
  • Scaffolding accidents;
  • Welding rods.


Construction Accidents in New York


Worker’s Compensation Is Not Enough

Although workers have the right to file a worker’s compensation claim against their employers, the benefits are generally inadequate compensation for lost wages, medical bills, future earning capacity, and diminished quality of life.

Victims have the option to file a work injury claim with a construction accident attorney to see if other financial entities can provide justice for the construction worker. Examples of times when this is beneficial include instances when the construction worker’s marriage is affected by the injury or when egregious conduct gave rise to the construction accident.


More Than an Employer May Be at Fault

A construction worker may also file a personal injury lawsuit against parties, other than the employer, who may have caused or contributed to the construction accident or may have been negligent because they failed to maintain a safe construction site. Responsible parties may include landlords, contractors, sub-contractors, equipment manufacturers, tool manufacturers, and materials suppliers.

The New York construction accident lawyers at Levy Konigsberg LLP specialize in all types of construction work injury and can help you receive the maximum compensation that you deserve.

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