Delaware Juvenile Detention Center Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse in Delaware Juvenile Detention or Residential Treatment Facilities

Youth who were held or treated in juvenile detention and residential treatment facilities in Delaware have been subject to sexual abuse and mistreatment for years, and it’s largely gone unnoticed. But not anymore, as survivors of childhood sexual abuse in juvenile detention centers in Delaware, and other states, are stepping forward to seek justice.

Reports from the Delaware Division of Youth Services show a history of complaints of sexual abuse and harassment by staff within these facilities, with 12 incidents of alleged misconduct between the two primary owners of these types of facilities in only the last year. 

Rather than assisting youth in improving their lives and getting back to them as quickly as possible, staff at Delaware Division of Youth Rehabilitative Services and Visionquest have allegedly sexually abused and harassed youth. While the Delaware agency claims that nearly all of these sex abuse were “unsubstantiated” they have not provided any evidence to support their conclusion. 

In a 2023 report published by the Delaware Division of Youth Rehabilitative Services, 7 youth reported sexual misconduct by staff at state operated juvenile facilities. Others reported sexual harassment from staff and fellow youth as well as nonconsensual sexual acts by other youth. The majority of these occurred at New Castle County Detention Center, however additional incidents were reported at Stevenson House Detention Center and Residential Cottages. 

Also in the same 2023 report, 7 youth reported sexual misconduct at VisionQuest Residential Alternatives to Detention including incidents of abuse by staff and other youth. This alleged incident occurred at the Milford location of VisionQuest, however there is also a second location in Newark. 

But these reports are not the only ones within the state. Back in 2016 there was yet another youth facility, Crossroads of Delaware, that was actually shut down because of a youth who was raped by a staff member.

If you or someone you love was detailed at a Delaware juvenile detention or residential treatment facility, and experienced sexual abuse Levy Konigsberg can help you in your fight for justice. We can help you find out what your compensation options are and get you everything you deserve.

Levy Konigsberg is a nationally recognized trial practice with a legacy of litigating sexual abuse lawsuits against powerful institutions, public and private prison systems, and juvenile detention centers. We serve survivors statewide and offer FREE and confidential consultations. Call (800) 315-3806 or contact us online to speak with a lawyer. 

Sexual Assault Cases in Delaware Youth Services

Reports of sexual misconduct have been made at VisionQuest Milford, as well as Crossroads of Delaware. 

Investigating Sexual Abuse at Delaware Juvenile Facilities

Levy Konigsberg is actively investigating claims from current and former youth inmates who were sexually abused by staff at youth detention facilities across Delaware. This includes those facilities (both currently in operation and closed) with a history of documented or suspected sexual abuse and complaints, including: 

  • VisionQuest (at Milford and Newark)
  • New Castle County Detention Center
  • Stevenson House Detention Center
  • Grace Residential Cottage
  • Snowden Residential Cottage
  • Ferris School
  • Other Delaware juvenile detention or residential treatment centers

Do I Have a Case?

You may have grounds to file a civil suit if:

  • You were sexually abused by a guard, counselor, or other juvenile detention center staff member
  • The abuse occurred at any juvenile detention center in Delaware

Levy Konigsberg represents survivors in civil lawsuits with the intent of holding juvenile detention center operators accountable for their failure to protect their youth inmates and to stop abusive staff members.

These are civil claims, which are separate from any criminal proceedings that may arise from the abuse and therefore can still be pursued even if your abuser was never charged with or convicted in a criminal court and even if they are now deceased. 

Delaware Statute of Limitations for Childhood Sexual Abuse

The Delaware Child Victims Act provides additional support and no statute of limitations for civil cases related to childhood sexual abuse for anyone born after July 9, 1986. This means that if you were born after this date you are able to report and file a civil case at any time, no matter when your abuse occurred.

For those who were born before July 9, 1986, there are specific situations that may increase your time for filing a civil lawsuit. 

Speaking with an attorney is always the best way to determine what you may be entitled to and how to move forward with your case. We recommend that you contact us if you have any questions about the statute of limitations applicable to your potential sex abuse case. 

What Damages Can I Recover in a Sexual Abuse Lawsuit?

A civil suit against an individual or organization allows you the opportunity to claim financial compensation in the form of: 

  • Past medical and mental health expenses
  • Future mental health expenses (therapy, medications, etc.)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish and psychological harm
  • Lost income
  • Other economic and non-economic losses

Specific restrictions and regulations may apply to your case. Contact Levy Konigsberg to find out more about your options and how you can hold your abuser accountable for what they’ve put you through. 

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We’ve built a legacy fighting for survivors in high stakes claims across the country and are available to discuss how we can use our experience and resources to fight for you.

Contact Levy Konigsberg if you were a victim of sexual abuse while housed in a youth detention or treatment facility in Delaware. We are here to help and there’s no fee unless we win. 


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