Denise Persampieri



Denise is proudly part of the fight against corporations, including Johnson & Johnson, whose talcum powder products were contaminated with asbestos, causing grievous and ongoing harm to consumers. Makeup, baby powder, and other household talcum powder products, exposed victims to asbestos early in life, leading to the diagnosis of asbestos-related diseases at strikingly young ages.

Denise also represents victims who were exposed to asbestos in their workplace, hard-working individuals who fell ill due to the reckless conduct of companies that manufactured and sold toxic products. In her work at Levy Konigsberg, Denise defends and prosecutes depositions, briefs and argues motions, and successfully facilitates settlements for her clients. Denise leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit of justice, investigating, researching, and demanding documentary evidence, in order to hold tortious corporations to account.

Denise is a 2017 graduate of Cardozo School of Law, with five years of practice in New York. Prior to joining the firm, Denise worked in pharmaceutical products liability, on multi-county and multi-district litigations. Denise brings to the firm her ability to manage large projects, as well as her personalized attention and dedication to each case. Denise is able to navigate the procedures in emerging mass tort litigations and to effectively communicate with mass tort clients.

The company culture at Levy Konigsberg is an aspect of Denise’s experience that she would like to highlight, “I am thankful for the collegial and welcoming environment of Levy Konigsberg. I value the conscientiousness of my team, and their commitment to the cause.”

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