Dr. Fabio Ortega’s Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

Fighting Against Dr. Ortega and the Healthcare System That Allowed Sexual Abuse on Patients

Levy Konigsberg is reviewing sexual abuse claims from former patients who were sexually abused by Chicago-based gynecologist, Dr. Fabio Ortega.

Ortega, who has been employed with Swedish Covenant Hospital, NorthShore University Health System, and more, was arrested and charged with criminal sexual assault based on allegations of a patient at his Skokie office that occurred in 2017.

Since then, over 300 women have stepped forward with stories of sexual abuse at the hands of this man who was, at the time, their trusted medical provider. These women are primarily Spanish-speaking, pregnant, Medicare recipients, those inexperienced in gynecological exams, and others who were potentially less aware of the abuse they were exposed to. 

Levy Konigsberg is known nationally for litigating sexual abuse claims against powerful institutions and has extensive experience fighting for survivors whom medical practitioners abuse. If you have questions about a sexual abuse lawsuit involving Dr. Fabio Ortega, we want to help.

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Dr. Ortega’s History of Sexual Abuse

Dr. Ortega was an OB-GYN and his history of alleged sexual assault spans all the way back to the early 1990’s, beginning with his employment at Swedish Covenant Hospital.

 Allegations against Ortega show a pattern of sexual abuse under the guise of routine or necessary medical care related to female sexual function and dysfunction.

 Ortega would not only refuse to treat patients for conditions that they presented for in his office and falsify records, but would engage in sexually inappropriate behaviors that included:

  • Calling and/or visiting patients outside of the office
  • Encouraging appointments without cause
  • Conducting pelvic examinations without cause
  • Asking unnecessary questions related to the sexual activity of patients
  • Conducting breast examinations including ‘fondling’ 
  • Conducting vaginal examinations with attempted sexual stimulation
  • Using fingers (often without gloves) to conduct breast, vaginal, and rectal examinations

During the period of time from 1989 until his arrest in 2018, he is believed to have abused hundreds of women, yet some of the details are even more disturbing when viewed in light of the fact that Swedish Covenant Hospital and NorthShore University Health System (now Endeavor Health) knew of allegations from patients at the time they occurred.

  • In September 2018, Ortega was arrested and charged with sexual abuse of a single patient who was seen in his office in 2017. The arrest emboldened hundreds of additional women to step forward with their stories of sexual assault at the hands of this man who is alleged to have abused hundreds of patients, including minors, over a span of decades. 
  • The investigation into Ortega is even more egregious when we consider the fact that NorthShore Hospital knew of said investigation and still allowed Ortega to practice unsupervised, contributing to the abuse of potentially even more patients.

Given Dr. Ortega’s 40 years of medical practice, there are likely many other victims who have yet to come forward.

Survivors of Dr. Ortega’s Sexual Abuse Seek Justice

Ortega was sentenced to three years of jail time as a result of pleading guilty to two charges of sexual assault in 2021. His medical license has been revoked and he is no longer allowed to practice medicine. 

However, while the criminal justice system has acted on behalf of victims and reached a verdict, and that verdict has been carried out, that does not mean that victims have no other recourse.

Over 300 women have already joined a lawsuit to hold Ortega and the health care facilities that continued to employ him, legally responsible for the trauma they have endured. 

These women allege that not only did they suffer at the hands of Ortega, but they also suffered from a health system that failed them, even as they continued to make complaints and even after the health system knew that Ortega was under investigation. 

Do I Have A Case?

You may have a case if you were a patient of Dr. Ortega, either ongoing or not (one alleged victim was referred to Ortega when her regular OB/GYN was unavailable), and experienced sexual harassment or abuse during that time.

Sexual harassment or abuse may take the form of any of the situations discussed above or others that caused you to feel uncomfortable. These situations may have been carried out under the guise of medical examination, however they likely felt more intrusive or sexual in nature rather than medical. 

If you believe that you have experienced any form of abuse, you may have a case and should reach out to Levy Konigsberg for more information about your rights. 

Levy Konigsberg: Leading the Fight for Sex Abuse Survivors

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