Fighting for Survivors of Dr. Kauff Child Sexual Abuse

Levy Konigsberg is reviewing claims from former patients who were sexually abused as children by Norwell, MA pediatrician Dr. Richard Kauff.

Kauff, a former pediatrician at South Shore Medical Center, has been accused of sexually abusing dozens of children during his time in practice and is facing a growing number of criminal charges. In light of the mounting allegations against Kauff, survivors are also stepping forward to explore their options for pursuing civil lawsuits and the compensation they deserve.

Levy Konigsberg is known nationally for litigating sexual abuse claims against powerful institutions and has extensive experience fighting for survivors who were abused by pediatricians and physicians. If you have questions about a sexual abuse lawsuit involving Dr. Richard Kauff, we want to help.

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Dr. Kauff’s History of Sexual Abuse

Dr. Richard Kauff was a former pediatrician who treated children in the town of Norwell and greater Boston area for over 40 years from the South Shore Medical Center.

According to authorities, allegations of Dr. Kauff’s history of abuse surfaced after a question was posted on the “South Shore Mamas” private Facebook page in early October 2023.

The post, which asked if it was “normal” for doctors to “insert their fingers in her vagina during a yearly checkup,” was met with an overwhelming response from group members who vehemently stated that what happened to her was not the norm. But that was news to another group member who saw the post and had been under the impression that such conduct was a “normal part of a routine pediatric physical exam.”

Eventually, the two women realized that they had been patients of Dr. Richard Kauff and reported their experiences to the police. Following an investigation, Kauff was arrested and charged in early November with raping the two victims. And by the time he was arraigned on November 20th in Hingham District Court, an additional 22 women had stepped forward with allegations that they were also assaulted by Kauff during annual checkups when they were children.

According to authorities, all victims have reported similar details of invasive exams over a period of several years, with claims of abuse for the first two victims spanning from November 1991 to August 2004. Survivors have stated that Kauff would have patients change into paper gowns, lie down on an examination table, and count to three before inserting his fingers into their vaginas. Some survivors also reported that the abuse occurred while parents were present in the exam room, and that Kauff would conceal his actions by blocking their view with his body.

Given that the sheer number of survivors who have already stepped forward with claims against Dr. Kauff shows that there is a clear pattern and alarming history of abuse, authorities suspect there are many other victims who have yet to come forward.

Survivors of Dr. Richard Kauff’s Sexual Abuse Can Seek Justice & Compensation Via Civil Claims

Dr. Richard Kauff is facing a growing number of criminal charges that could land him in prison for decades. However, while the criminal case against Kauff means that he may be held criminally accountable, it will not determine liability for the damages suffered by survivors nor provide them with compensation.

To seek a financial recovery and hold the institutions that employed Kauff accountable for their failures to protect patients, survivors will need to file claims in civil court.

Fortunately, Massachusetts law allows victims of sexual abuse to file civil lawsuits against abusers and any liable institutions. This includes South Shore Medical Center in Norwell, where Kauff practiced for decades, South Shore Medical Center in Kingston and South Shore Hospital, where Kauff had practiced at certain periods in the past, and any other medical institutions where he treated children.

Do I Have a Case?

You may have grounds to file a civil claim if:

  • You were a patient sexually abused by Dr. Richard Kauff or are the parent of a minor patient who was abused by Dr. Kauff; and
  • The abuse occurred at any time in the past while Dr. Kauff was practicing at South Shore Medical Center in Norwell or Kingston, South Shore Hospital, or any other medical center or institution.

All the victims who have currently stepped forward with claims against Dr. Richard Kauff allege that they were abused while they were children being treated in his pediatric practice years or decades ago.

Fortunately, under Massachusetts law, victims of child sexual abuse have a considerable amount of time to file civil lawsuits. For example:

  • Under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 260 § 4C, minor victims of sexual abuse may file civil lawsuits within 35 years since the final act of abuse or within 7 years of discovering that they suffered damages as a result of their abuse, whichever is later. This means that victims may still bring claims even if it has been more than 35 years since their abuse, provided they had not previously discovered the damages associated with their abuse, which can include anxiety, depression, and other emotional and psychological injuries. Additionally, the statute of limitations can be “tolled” until child victims turn 18. This would afford a child victim 35 years from the date they turn 18 to bring a claim.

Our team at Levy Konigsberg can help evaluate the statute of limitations that applies to your case and whether you have grounds to pursue civil legal action.

Levy Konigsberg: Leading the Fight for Sex Abuse Survivors

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Our attorneys have represented survivors in cases against powerful institutions, large corporations, and physicians, hospitals, and medical programs – and have recovered over $3 billion in compensation for clients. This includes tens of millions of dollars recovered for survivors who were sexually abused as minors by NY pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Reginald Archibald, and millions more for sexual abuse survivors victimized by other doctors and institutions.

Now, we’re leveraging our experience and resources to help survivors abused by Dr. Richard Kauff take the next steps in their fight for justice.

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