NYC Sex Abuse Attorneys Against Dr. Cheng

Dr. Zhi Alan Cheng has been arrested for and charged with various sexual assault crimes, including at least one incident that occurred with a patient in NewYork-Presbyterian Queens Hospital. He has been officially arraigned and indicted for 3 counts of rape, 10 counts of predatory sexual assault, 7 counts of sexual abuse, and 4 counts of assault. Some victims have stated that the hospital did not take their complaints of abusive or suspicious behavior from Dr. Cheng seriously, which implicates the medical institution as a negligent party in these unthinkable attacks.

Have you been sexually abused by Dr. Cheng as a patient who attended NewYork-Presbyterian Queens Hospital? Levy Konigsberg and our sexual abuse litigation team led by Attorney-Partner Anna Kull are ready to help you bring a civil claim against him and the the hospitals and medical institutions that employed and enabled him. Although many of the sexual attacks carried out by Dr. Cheng have allegedly taken place in recent years, he may have committed such crimes many years ago. If so, the limited window created by the Adult Survivors Act could still allow you to take legal action.

At Levy Konigsberg, we are known for approaching sensitive and emotional sexual abuse cases with respect and care while also aggressively litigating against powerful institutions. We are proud fighters for sexual assault survivors and have been at the forefront of important litigation brought against major defendants, such as Rockefeller University Hospital and New York prisons and jails including Bedford Hills Correctional Facility and others.

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Accusations Against Dr. Zhi Alan Cheng

Dr. Cheng, a gastroenterologist who practiced out of NewYork-Presbyterian Queens Hospital, was arrested in December 2022 for rendering a woman unconscious with chemicals and sexually assaulting her on film. Police investigators discovered more footage of him committing similar crimes on other women, which prompted a deeper investigation into his work and private life. Ultimately, multiple women were identified or came forward to allege that they had been sexually assaulted by Dr. Cheng.

One of the women speaking out against Dr. Cheng was a patient of his at the hospital when she was only 19 years old. She alleged that he committed medically unnecessary and invasive probing procedures on her before injecting her with an unknown substance. When she was unable to defend herself, he sexually assaulted her.

Police investigators have noted that Dr. Cheng has been accused of sexually assaulting many different women in various locations, including in sexual attacks that allegedly occurred in Nevada, California, and Thailand. Due to the sheer amount of abuse perpetrated against so many women in such a short amount of time, investigators believe that there are many more sexual assault survivors who have not yet been able to speak out against him.

Is NewYork-Presbyterian Queens Hospital Liable?

One of Dr. Cheng’s alleged sexual assault victims said she filed a complaint with NewYork-Presbyterian Queens Hospital in 2021 about his predatory behavior. She did not feel like her complaints were taken very seriously, though, and no corrective action was ever taken by the hospital. A representative of the hospital has stated that it is reviewing its patient safety policies in light of the allegations and charges brought against Dr. Cheng but did not elaborate.

Our trial attorneys of Levy Konigsberg have extensive experience working on sexual abuse cases involving negligent employers and organizations.

NewYork-Presbyterian Queens Hospital may liable for:

  • Failing to properly supervise Dr. Cheng
  • Failing to take patient complaints about his predatory behavior seriously
  • Failing to protect patients from harm.

If more women come forward with complaints that they were sexually abused within the hospital and with the knowledge of supervisors, then it would be all the more likely that the hospital will be held liable for the harm he has caused.

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