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Vaping and E-cigarette Lung LawsuitE-Cigarette smoking also known as vaping (or “Juuling”) has grown in popularity in recent years especially among teenagers.  Vaping nicotine products, including the best-selling JUUL, as well as THC (marijuana) products has caused death in many users and there is a growing epidemic of lung injury known as EVALI, which is short-hand for “e-cigarette, or vaping, lung-related injury”.  How common are e-cigarette or vaping deaths?  How common is lung injury (EVALI) from vaping? Can vaping make someone more susceptible of dying from another illness such as coronavirus (COVID-19) or pneumonia? What are the legal rights of someone who has been seriously injury from vaping or who has lost a family member from vaping?

Death from E-Cigarette Vaping

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there were 68 confirmed deaths from E-cigarette vaping as of February 2020 across 29 states.  Not only is this number growing, but the number of “confirmed” cases underestimates the number of actual deaths from vaping because it only includes cases in which doctors have investigated vaping as a cause of death and reported it to local health authorities. Vaping can cause death by causing severe inflammation of the lung tissue resulting in the lungs essentially shutting down.  Cases of death from vaping or E-cigarettes have been reported in teenagers and adults.  These cases include a 15 year-old from Texas who had only been vaping for one month. Unlike traditional cigarettes, in which death is known to occur many decades after first use of the product, vaping deaths result from “acute” lung damage typically occurring without any “lag time” (latency) between the use of the product and injury or death.  Vaping or E-cigarette use may also contribute to causing death by making a person more susceptible or vulnerable from dying from an illness such as COVID-19 (coronavirus) or other illnesses  (such as pneumonia) that affect the lungs.

E-Cigarette, or Vaping, Lung-Related Injury (EVALI)

According to the CDC, there were more than 2800 hospitalized cases of lung injury (EVALI) from E-cigarettes or vaping occurring in all fifty states as of February 2020. The number of injuries, which the CDC described as an “outbreak”, is continuing to increase and vaping or e-cigarettes is believed to be a contributing factor in many COVID-19 (coronavirus) hospitalizations.  Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, the New York Times published an investigative report in January 2020 of 2,602 hospitalizations and 59 deaths from vaping.  According to the report, the vaping injuries involved shortness of breath and other pulmonary (symptoms) with lung damage confirmed by radiology (usually CT scan).  Of the 2,602 cases, 70% were male and the overall age distribution was:  18 years of age or under (15%), 24 years of age or under (39%) and 34 years or younger (26%).  Therefore, younger people ages 34 or under accounted for 80% of all of these serious vaping-related injuries requiring hospitalizations. According to the same New York Times report, these vaping injuries occurred in patients who had vaped nicotine products, as well as those who had vaped THC products. The most common nicotine vaping product reported in these hospitalized patients is JUUL.

Do I Have a Lawsuit from Vaping or E-Cigarette Death or Injury?

If you have a child, parent or family member that has died or been hospitalized from e-cigarettes or vaping, you may be able to file a lawsuit to recover money damages for both the victim (injured or deceased) and for the family members (spouse, child or parent) of the victim.  Legal claims that may be brought include negligence, product liability (defective product). Damages may also be recovered for both compensation as well as punitive damages depending on the severity of the misconduct of the companies involved with manufacturing or selling the product. Some vaping or e-cigarette manufacturers have marketed their products in a manner to attract teenagers leading to a new generation of addicted users. Nicotine is a highly addictive drug and those starting to use nicotine as teens are more vulnerable to becoming long-term addicted users.

Who Should Evaluate or Handle My E-Cigarette Vaping Death or Injury Legal Case?

An E-cigarette vaping lawsuit involving death or serious injury should be evaluated and handled by a law firm with experience in complex product liability cases and preferably one that has handled cases against the tobacco (nicotine) industry.  Levy Konigsberg is a leading product liability firms with victories against the major tobacco companies including in the Summerlin case ($43.1 million) in Massachusetts, and the Mulholland case ($5.5 million) in New York.  The firm handles cases nationwide and the firms offers a free no consultation with no fee paid to our firm unless we recover money for you.  If you have a potential vaping or e-cigarette case, contact our experienced and compassionate attorneys now by calling the phone number on this page, submitting a website form or having a live chat with us now.




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