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Types of Government Fraud

Just like those who report fraud, those who commit fraud against the government come from all walks of life: blue collar and white collar, office workers, accountants, executives, medical professionals, corporate executives and more. And, while most of the early successes in Qui Tam lawsuits have been litigated against defense contractors, more and more cases are being filed on behalf of other Federal agencies including the Departments of Health and Human Services, Agriculture, Transportation, Energy and Education, as well as NASA and the EPA to name a few.

These cases may involve a number of different violations such as labor and environmental statutes. Of the most recent fraud actions filed, many have been against hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers, physicians, large cities, counties and smaller local municipalities.

You Must Have Proof of Fraud

Proof of fraud may be documents that you have or are able to obtain and/or personal knowledge of facts about which you can testify.

It is important to describe and help your qui tam attorney understand as many of the details about the fraudulent act as possible – the actual false claims, the people involved, the regulations that were violated and the operation of the claim’s process – both at the company and at the government level.

Evidence and documents such as journals, memos and notes are very helpful.

Remember, unless someone knowingly made a false statement, submission, or certification to the government, there will not be a basis to file suit under the False Claims Act.

Schemes Used to Defraud the Government

Unscrupulous individuals and corporations have devised many inventive ways to commit fraud against the government. These range from simple over-billing practices to complex corporate schemes that impose a cost to the taxpayer of hundreds of billions of dollars each year. They include:

  • Phantom Billing for tests that are not performed, or products not delivered;
  • Billing for inappropriate or unnecessary procedures;
  • Overcharging for items purchased for much less;
  • Charging for equipment or supplies that were never ordered;
  • Billing for new equipment, but providing used equipment;
  • Billing for expensive equipment, but providing low-cost equipment;
  • Code Jamming by labs that insert fake diagnosis codes to get Medicare/Medicaid coverage;
  • Submitting multiple bills to obtain a higher reimbursement for tests, products or services;
  • Double Billing by charging more than once for the same service;
  • Up Coding and billing for complex services when only simple services were performed;
  • Billing for brand-named drugs when generic drugs were provided;
  • Expensing Phantom Employees or hours worked that do not exist;
  • Submitting Improper Cost Reports to obtain higher reimbursements.

If you have any first hand knowledge, information or evidence related to acts of fraud perpetrated against the federal, state, or city government, please contact the whistleblower lawyers at Levy Konigsberg LLP for a free and confidential consultation by calling our 24/7 hotline at (800) 315-3806, or by submitting an email inquiry.

Our attorneys have the dedication and resources it takes to successfully prosecute a Qui Tam case. We can protect your rights, fight fraud and obtain the compensation you deserve.

IMPORTANT: If you believe you have evidence of fraud against the government, securities fraud, commodities fraud or IRS or New York State tax fraud, contact us for a free, confidential consultation by calling our 24/7 hotline at (800) 315-3806, or by submitting an email inquiry.



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