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Our legal team at Levy Konigsberg is dedicated to fighting for the rights of people who have survived sexual assault or abuse in any situation, including when the perpetrator is harbored or enabled by the negligence or wrongdoing of a hotel, motel, or another hospitality business.

In recent years, more and more stories have come to light of men and women – but usually women – being sexually abused in their hotel rooms due to the mistakes and unacceptable behaviors of the hotel staff. There have been many cases in which a front desk clerk handed a room key to an assailant without checking their identity or if the person who rented the room was not even expecting a guest.

Our goal is to help make sure such unthinkable incidents never happen again by using civil lawsuits to hold negligent hotels and hospitality industry giants accountable.

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Hotel Responsibility to Protect Guests

All hotels and motels have a responsibility to protect guests from undue harm and criminal offenses, including sexual assaults. As a welcomed and paying guest at the hotel, you have the right to expect that your stay there will be safe.

Furthermore, you should be able to reasonably assume that your private information, including information about your room and access to it, will be kept strictly confidential.

If a hotel fails to protect a guest, especially when there is evidence of hotel staff negligence, then the hotel might be liable for any resulting injuries and losses through premises liability laws.

Acts of negligence on behalf of a hotel that can put guests in danger include:

  • Giving guest room keys to strangers.
  • Ignoring complaints from guests about loiterers.
  • Failing to maintain locks and gates around the premises.
  • Refusing to notify the police when a crime is reported.

Hotels can be found liable for assault by a hotel employee particularly when the hotel knew or should have known that the employee should not have been hired due to his background or personal history, or the hotel fails to properly instruct or train the employee. A hotel can be liable for an assault by a guest if it fails to adequately protect its staff from sexual misconduct.

Abuse of Housekeepers, Maids & Hotel Employees

Guests are not the only individuals facing sexual harassment in hotels and motels- housekeepers are increasingly the victims of sexual assault by guests. The threat of sexual assault against housekeepers in hotels has led several states to enact laws requiring hoteliers to install panic buttons for housekeepers.

The plight of hotel maids is representative of a larger problem of sexual assault against various low wage workers. Employees at a number of large-chain establishments allege that their companies have done little to protect employees from sexual abuse and workplace harassment.

Many housekeepers who have encountered sexually abusive behaviors while cleaning rooms claim that hotel management simply ignore their complaints. Some of these workers, including several women employed by Marriott as housekeepers, have filed lawsuits against the corporation.

How Hotels Can Prevent Sexual Assaults

Hotels are expected to take reasonable steps to secure the premises and protect guests from criminal harm.

Security measures that should reasonably be taken to help prevent hotel sexual assaults can include:

  • Installing security cameras in frequented areas.
  • Training all staff in the proper way to issue additional room cards.
  • Checking identification of guests and visitors when they first arrive.
  • Calling guests if an unrecognized visitor asks to see or speak with them.
  • Installing chain or manual locks that guests can use once in a room.
  • Keeping lighting throughout the premises lit and maintained.
  • Hiring security guards if the hotel is in a high crime area.
  • Background checking all staff members.

What to Do After a Hotel Sexual Assault

A hotel will focus on protecting itself from liability and poor publicity after a sexual assault occurs on its premises. You can’t depend on the hotel to back up your story and help you with a case to pursue justice. Instead, you need to think about what you can do after a hotel sexual abuse incident to protect yourself and the potential civil injury lawsuit that you will file later with the help of Levy Konigsberg.

Steps to take after hotel sexual abuse include:

  • Call 911: Once you are safe, secure, and isolated from the attacker, call 911 or local law enforcement to file a criminal report. Although you can file a civil claim against an attacker who was never charged with a sex crime, it is usually best to get the criminal justice system involved as well.
  • Document the scene: Use your cellphone to take photos and videos of the scene. If there is a notes app, use it to quickly write down any details that you can remember, including the events that preceded the sexual assault.
  • Notify hotel management: Insist on speaking to hotel management to file an incident report. You should also get the contact information of corporate to use after you speak with your attorney.
  • Seek medical attention: You should seek medical attention shortly after the incident. It might be possible to request a sexual abuse kit, which is a medical kit used to preserve evidence after a woman is sexually assaulted.

Once you have received medical attention and are in a safe place, you should dial to connect with the hotel sexual abuse attorneys of Levy Konigsberg. The sooner we can start work on your case, the better our chances of securing evidence of what happened and why the hotel could be liable.

Compensation Available in Hotel Sex Abuse Cases

The compensation available to a hotel sexual abuse plaintiff will be unique to their case, harm, and losses. Levy Konigsberg is here to help calculate the compensation that could be owed to you. With our decades of collective experience working on high-value sex abuse lawsuits, you can trust that we know how to uncover various types of damages, so the amount we pursue in your name fairly reflects what has happened to you.

Three types of damages that could be available in your hotel sexual abuse case are:

  • Economic: Damages that directly affect your financial situation, such as medical bills and lost wages.
  • Non-economic: Damages related to pain, suffering, trauma, and distress caused by sexual abuse.
  • Punitive: Damages used to punish the hotel for enabling or harboring a sexual assailant or for egregiously negligent security practices.

Newsworthy Hotel Sexual Abuse Cases

A few recent hotel sexual abuse cases that reached the news and ended in the plaintiffs’ favor are:

  • $44 million: Hilton Management LLC was ordered to pay a $44 million jury award after a woman was sexually assaulted in a Houston Hilton property. The hotel was found 90% liable for the attack after allowing the sexual offender into the woman’s room without verifying that he knew her.
  • $3.5 million: A jury awarded a $3.5 million award to a woman who was sexually assaulted in a Bakersfield Holiday Inn. Hotel staff gave the attacker a key to her room without checking his identity or even if she was expecting a guest.
  • $1.8 million: A woman who was sexually assaulted in a Skokie Holiday Inn, near Chicago, won a $1.8 million jury award after suing Lakhani Hospitality. In the lawsuit, she alleged that a security guard at the hotel sexually attacked her, but criminal charges were never filed against him.

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