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In mesothelioma cases, the most common attorney’s fee agreement is a contingency fee agreement. A contingency fee agreement is one that makes the payment of attorney’s fees contingent on the outcome of the case. In the simplest of terms, with a contingency fee agreement, the client pays no attorney’s fees unless the lawyer recovers money. This is what attorney’s mean when they say: “You pay no fee, unless we win your case.” Unlike an hourly billing agreement in which the attorney charges for his or her time, with a contingent fee agreement, any and all attorney’s fees are taken out of the money recovered based on an agreed-upon percentage.

Most people with mesothelioma will be relieved to know that lawyers will work on the case based on a contingent fee. This is because many families affected by mesothelioma are facing financial hardships and could not afford to pay a lawyer an hourly rate to work on the case. Paying an hourly fee to an attorney can put the client’s finances at risk, since it is often difficult to predict the outcome of a case.

Levy Konigsberg has been representing people in mesothelioma cases with contingency fee agreements for more than 30 years. The firm takes on the risk of the case by advancing all necessary cases expenses and working without any attorney’s fees unless and until money is recovered in the case. It is only when money is recovered in the case that the firm is paid attorney’s fees out of an agreed-upon percentage taken out of the recovery obtained for the client, and the firm is reimbursed for necessary case expenses. Levy Konigsberg takes the risk of funding the case and receives no attorney’s fees and does not recover any of the case expenses, unless the firm wins money for the client. By working on a contingent fee, Levy Konigsberg essentially partners with the client in the mutual quest to recover financial compensation for the client’s injuries.

By hiring Levy Konigsberg to handle your mesothelioma case on a contingency fee, you are able to have your case litigated by our highly experienced attorneys against some of the largest companies in America without putting your finances at risk.

If you have questions about Levy Konigsberg’s no-risk contingent fee agreement in mesothelioma cases, or to receive a free consultation, please contact our experienced attorneys at 1-800-988-8005, start a “live chat” on this page, or fill out the website form.

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