Based on decades of work helping New Jersey Mesothelioma victims, Levy Konigsberg has compiled enormous amounts of information about asbestos used at various locations in New Jersey. New Jersey has one of the highest rates of mesothelioma in the United States.

This is because workers were exposed to asbestos throughout New Jersey and in many cases family members of those workers were also exposed to asbestos from contaminated work clothing. In addition, many people from New Jersey also developed mesothelioma from living in close proximity to asbestos plants.

The New Jersey mesothelioma lawyers at Levy Konigsberg have written this page as a resource for mesothelioma victims who were exposed to asbestos in The Garden State. You will find a description of some examples of common types of work sites where asbestos was used in New Jersey as well as a list of some of the job sites where asbestos was used.

  • Asbestos Plants – In past decades, numerous asbestos product manufacturing plants were located in New Jersey. The largest and most infamous is the Johns-Manville Plant located in Manville, New Jersey. Johns-Manville (“J-M”) manufactured asbestos products in its large plant in Manville as far back as the 1930s. J-M conspired with other asbestos companies, and at least one large insurance company, to hide the hazards of asbestos from J-M workers and residents of Manville. This conspiracy resulted in a lasting epidemic of mesothelioma and lung cancer in the J-M workforce, the family members of workers and in residents living close to the plant. There were other large asbestos plants in New Jersey including the Union Carbide Plant in Bound Brook and the Owen-Corning Fiberglas plant in Berlin, New Jersey.
  • Oil Refineries – New Jersey has been the home of many large oil refineries that used asbestos. The oil refineries were high-heat environments where asbestos insertions, cements and sealing products were frequently used. Refinery workers were exposed to asbestos when performing regular maintenance and overhaul work needed to keep the plants operating. Evidence shows that the oil companies, who were members of the American Petroleum Institute, had very early knowledge that asbestos caused cancer, but failed to protect refinery workers including contract workers. The Exxon Bayway Refinery is one of the largest oil refineries in New Jersey and one in which a large number of workers were exposed to asbestos. At this refinery, like many others, workers did not know about the hazards and therefore wore contaminated work clothes home which caused additional exposures to family members.
  • Chemical Plants – Many chemical plants in New Jersey used large amounts of asbestos that caused workers to develop mesothelioma. For example, Allied Chemical and American Cyanimid had multiple plants in New Jersey that used significant amounts of asbestos. Despite knowing long ago that asbestos caused cancer, these chemical companies did not protect workers at these job sites including contractors performing repair and maintenance work.

The mesothelioma law firm of Levy Konigsberg has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for New Jersey mesothelioma victims and others who live in other states and were exposed to asbestos in New Jersey during their lifetime.

Levy Konigsberg’s verdict of 30.3 million for a New Jersey mesothelioma victim is the largest compensatory damages verdict ever upheld on appeal in a mesothelioma case in the United States. All mesothelioma cases filed in New Jersey are coordinated in Middlesex County in New Brunswick.

Some of the job sites in New Jersey where it is known that asbestos was used include the following:

  • Abex Corp. – Mahwah, NJ
  • AC&S, Inc. – Elizabeth, NJ
  • Alcoa – Burlington, NJ
  • Alcoa – Edgewater, NJ
  • Allied Chemical – Boundbrook, NJ
  • Allied Chemical – Edgewater, NJ
  • Allied Chemical – Linden, NJ
  • Allied Chemical – Trenton, NJ
  • Allied Chemical – Hopewell, NJ
  • American Cyanamid Corp – Boundbrook, NJ
  • American Cyanamid Corp – Linden, NJ
  • American Cyanamid Corp – Princeton, NJ
  • American Standard New – Brunswick, NJ
  • Anheuser-Busch – Newark, NJ
  • ASARCO – Bridgewater, NJ
  • AT&T – Bedminster, NJ
  • Atlantic City Electric Co. – Atlantic City, NJ
  • Babcock & Wilcox Boiler Works – Bayonne, NJ
  • Babcock & Wilcox Boiler Works – Elizabeth, NJ
  • Bakelite Company – Bound Brook, NJ
  • BASF – Kearny, NJ
  • BASF – Newark, NJ
  • Beesley Point Powerhouse – Cape May County, NJ
  • Benjamin Moore & Co. – Newark, NJ
  • Best Foods – Bayonne, NJ
  • Borg Warner – East Rutherford, NJ
  • Bethlehem Steel – Hoboken, NJ
  • Bethlehem Steel – Newark, NJ
  • Bristol-Myers-Squibb – New Brunswick, NJ
  • Bristol-Myers-Squibb – Plainsboro, NJ
  • Bristol-Myers-Squibb – Hillside, NJ
  • Bristol-Myers-Squibb – Princeton, NJ
  • Campbell Soup – Camden, NJ
  • Cape May Light & Power – Cape May, NJ
  • Certainteed – Berlin, NJ
  • Ciba-Geigy Corporation – Ocean, NJ
  • Colgate Palmolive – Jersey City, NJ
  • Combustion Engineering – Deepwater, NJ
  • Continental Can – Patterson, NJ
  • Continental Can – Carteret, NJ
  • DeLaval Steam Turbine – Trenton, NJ
  • Ingersoll-Rand – Harrison, NJ
  • DuPont – Arlington, NJ
  • Eagle Picher – Newark, NJ
  • Engelhard Corporation – East Newark, NJ
  • Exxon Bayway Refinery – Linden, NJ
  • Federal Shipbuilding & Drydock – Kearny, NJ
  • Fischer Scientific – Somerset, NJ
  • Fischer Scientific – Fairlawn, NJ
  • Flintkote Company – Camden, NJ
  • Flintkote Company – Arlington, NJ
  • FMC Corp – Carteret, NJ
  • Ford Motor Company – Edison, NJ
  • Foster Wheeler – Clinton, NJ
  • GAF – BoundBrook, NJ
  • GAF – Wayne, NJ
  • GAF – Gloucester, NJ
  • General Cable Co. – Bayonne, NJ
  • General Dynamics – Avenel, NJ
  • General Electric – Harrison, NJ
  • General Motors – Harrison, NJ
  • General Refractories – Avenel, NJ
  • Hatfield Wire & Cable – Hillside, NJ
  • Hercules – Burlington, NJ
  • Hercules – Belvedere, NJ
  • Hess Oil Company – Port Reading, NJ
  • Hoboken Shipyard – Hoboken, NJ
  • Homasote Company – Trenton, NJ
  • Hooker Chemical – Burlington, NJ
  • Hope Creek Nuclear Power Plant – Salem, NJ
  • Ingersoll-Rand – Phillipsburg, NJ
  • International Harvester – Camden, NJ
  • Jersey City Power & Light – Dover, NJ
  • Johns-Manville – Manville, NJ
  • Johnson & Johnson – New Brunswick, NJ
  • Kaiser Gypsum – Delanco, NJ
  • Kearny Generating Station – Kearny, NJ
  • Kentile Floors – Harrison, NJ
  • Koppers Company – Kearny, NJ
  • Lorillard – Jersey City, NJ
  • Mannington Mills – Salem, NJ
  • McGuire Air Force Base – Fort Dix – Lakehurst, NJ
  • Military Shipyard Terminal – Bayonne, NJ
  • Mobil – Paulsboro, NJ
  • Monsanto Chemical – Camden, NJ
  • National Biscuit Co. – Fairlawn, NJ
  • National Lead – Sayreville, NJ
  • National Gypsum – Burlington, NJ
  • New Jersey Power & Light – Boonton, NJ
  • New York Shipbuilding – Camden, NJ
  • Otis Elevator – Harrison, NJ
  • Owens Corning Fiberglas – Berlin, NJ
  • Owens Corning Fiberglas – Harrison, NJ
  • Owens Corning Fiberglas – Elizabeth, NJ
  • Owens Corning Fiberglas – Barrington, NJ
  • Owens Illinois – North Bergen, NJ
  • Owens Illinois – Bridgeton, NJ
  • Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station – Forked River, NJ
  • Hudson Generating Station – Jersey City, NJ
  • Pennsylvania Railroad – Camden, NJ
  • Phelps Dodge – Bayway, NJ
  • Porter Hayden Company – Edison, NJ
  • P.S. Electric & Gas Co. – Harrison, NJ
  • P.S. Electric & Gas Co. – Hope Creek, NJ
  • Mercer Station – Hamilton, NJ
  • R.C.A. – Jersey City, NJ
  • R.C.A. – Camden, NJ
  • Rheem Manufacturing – Burlington, NJ
  • Riegel Paper Corp. – Milford, NJ
  • Ruberoid – Bound Brook, NJ
  • Salem Nuclear Generating Station – Salem, NJ
  • Sherwin Williams – Bound Brook, NJ
  • Sherwin Williams – Gloucester, NJ
  • Sherwin Williams – Newark, NJ
  • Smith & Kanzler – Linden, NJ
  • Eagle Point Refinery – Eagle Point, NJ
  • Todd Shipyard – Hoboken, NJ
  • U.S. Gypsum Company – Jersey City, NJ
  • U.S. Navy Yard – Bayonne, NJ
  • U.S. Shipbuilding Corporation – Camden, NJ
  • U.S. Steel – Camden, NJ
  • Union Carbide Corporation – Bound Brook, NJ
  • W.R. Grace & Co. – Hamilton, NJ
  • Western Electric – Brills, NJ
  • Worthington Pump – Harrison, NJ
  • Baker Castor Oil Company – Bayonne, NJ
  • Linden Generating Station (PSEG) – Linden, NJ

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