Leaders in NY Sexual Abuse Litigation

Levy Konigsberg is a U.S. News – Best Lawyers “Best Law Firms” ranked trial practice with a reputation as a leader in sexual abuse litigation. Led by Partners Anna Kull and Corey Stern, our sex abuse team has recovered tens of millions in compensation for adult and child sex abuse victims across New York.

  • Anna Kull is an experienced trial lawyer who spearheads our firm’s litigation of sexual abuse lawsuits brought under the NY Child Victims Act and NY Adult Survivors Act. Her latest work includes civil lawsuits brought on behalf of former female inmates sexually abused at New York women’s jails and prisons. In September 2022, Anna was featured in a NY Daily News cover story about our representation of former inmates abused at Bayview Correctional Facility.
  • Corey Stern is a nationally recognized trial lawyer known for handling complex and high-profile cases. He filed a class action lawsuit against the New York City hospital that enabled decades of sexual abuse by Dr. Reginald Archibald. Corey personally negotiated the settlement of these sex abuse cases and successfully obtained tens of millions of dollars for the victims of Dr. Archibald’s abuse.

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Our sex abuse attorneys are dedicated to helping victims of sex abuse, human trafficking, and other sex-related offenses. To learn how we may be able to help you, call or contact us online for a FREE and confidential consultation.

Leaders in NY Sex Abuse Litigation

Levy Konigsberg is a recognized leader in the litigation of New York sexual abuse lawsuits. We have represented numerous men and women across the state and have taken on some of the country’s most powerful institutions.

Some examples of our work:

Legal Update: Abuse Survivors Now Stepping Forward Thanks to New York Adult Survivors Act

Thanks to the New York Adult Survivors Act, a growing number of sexual abuse survivors are now stepping forward with legal claims against abusers and the institutions that failed to protect them. This includes claims that would have otherwise been barred by the statute of limitations.

The NY Adult Survivors Act is an important law for abuse survivors. That’s because it:

  • Applies to claims involving sexual offenses that occurred when victims were 18 or older.
  • Creates a one-year lookback window during which survivors can file lawsuits – no matter how long ago the alleged offense occurred.
  • Allows claims to be brought against both abusers and institutions that failed to uphold duties to protect survivors or supervise employees.

The Adult Survivors Act is now in effect, which means survivors has a limited amount of time to bring their claims. Per the ASA, the temporary lookback window will be open from November 24, 2022 to November 24, 2023.

At Levy Konigsberg, we are leading the charge in helping victims take advantage of this groundbreaking law. If you have questions about how the ASA may allow you to take legal action – even for abuse that occurred years or decades ago – we encourage you to contact our team as soon as possible.

New York Gender Violence Act

The New York City Victims of Gender-Motivated Violence Protection Law (GMVPL) has recently been amended to allow survivors of sexual abuse another two years to file a civil claim against offenders who committed gender-motivated assaults against them, regardless of when the attacks took place. The two-year lookback window closes on March 1, 2025, so it is important to act quickly if you think you have a case. Levy Konigsberg is proud to amplify the voices of New Yorkers who have survived gender violence, and we would be honored to be the legal team that you trust to take action using the GMVPL. Call to see if you have a claim.


What is Sexual Abuse Under New York Law?

Sexual abuse is defined as any type of sexual contact against a person who has not given their consent. While minors are most often the targets of abuse, adults can be sexually abused as well. Sexual abuse can happen to anyone regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

In some cases, even seemingly “consensual” acts can constitute sexual abuse. One example includes relationships between inmates and staff at jails or prisons. Under New York Law, inmates are not able to consent to sexual contact with corrections officers, prison staff, contractors, or volunteers who provide inmate services. This means that any sexual contact between inmates and prison staff is sexual abuse.

Other examples of sexual abuse:

Unwanted groping or touching
Sexual contact through threats, intimidation, or physical force
An adult initiating sexual contact with a minor
Sexual assault and rape
Sexual contact with individuals who cannot consent due to intoxication, cognitive impairment, or mental illness

If Abuse Occurred Years Ago, Can I File an Adult Survivor’s Act Lawsuit?

Even if your abuse occurred years or decades ago, you may still have grounds to bring a claim thanks to the Adult Survivor’s Act.

Under the ASA, a temporary one-year lookback window was created to allow victims who were abused as adults at any time in the past to bring claims. The law provides new opportunities for survivors with claims that would typically be barred by the statute of limitations. This means legal actions that were not possible in the past can be revisited and survivors can pursue justice at last. The law allows for claims to be filed against the abuser as well as public and private institutions that were aware of the abuse, or should have reasonably known, to be held accountable.

If you were sexually abused in the State of New York at any time after you turned 18 years of age, you may qualify for a lawsuit under the Adult Survivors Act. We urge you to act quickly and speak with us about your legal rights.

What Compensation Can Victims of Sexual Abuse Recover?

The amount awarded in any settlement or verdict will vary based on the facts of a case.

The extent of the trauma suffered in the incident, the long-term impact on the mental and emotional health of the victim, and whether the institution was aware that abuse was occurring all come into play when negotiating the terms of a settlement, or when seeking justice in court. Generally, sexual abuse lawsuits seek a financial recovery for damages such as:

Physical pain and suffering
Anguish and emotional injuries
Medical bills and lost income
Costs of therapy and psychological counseling
Future medical and mental health expenses
Other economic and non-economic damages

Because sex abuse lawsuits are fact-specific, the best way to evaluate the potential value of your case is to have it reviewed by a New York sex abuse attorney from our team. At Levy Konigsberg, we offer FREE and confidential consultations.

Who Commits Sexual Abuse?

Just as anyone can be a victim of sexual abuse, so too can anyone be an abuser. Often, abuse is committed by individuals in positions of trust and supervisory roles, including professions and positions that allow offenders to take advantage of vulnerability or a lack of oversight.

In sexual abuse lawsuits handled by our firm in New York, we have worked with survivors who have been abused by many different types of offenders. Some examples include:

Teachers, professors, and administrators in schools and educational settings.
Caretakers, nurses, day care workers, and others who care for children or vulnerable adults.
Doctors, such as the pediatric endocrinologist Reginald Archibald, who was found to have a long and extensive history of sexual abuse against his pediatric patients at Rockefeller University Hospital in Manhattan.
Correctional officers and other jail or prison staff, such as the male guards and volunteers who have abused female inmates at various jails and prisons across New York.
Youth sports and youth organizations, such as the Boy Scouts of America.

What Are the Effects of Sexual Abuse?

Sexual abuse can have profound and long-lasting effects on survivors. The effects can vary depending on various factors such as the age of the survivor, the duration and severity of the abuse, and the availability of support systems. Some common effects of sexual abuse may include:

Physical consequences: Sexual abuse can result in physical injuries, pain, and discomfort. It can also lead to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or other reproductive health issues.
Emotional and psychological impact: Survivors of sexual abuse may experience a range of emotional and psychological effects, including anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), feelings of shame, guilt, fear, anger, and low self-esteem.
Behavioral changes: Survivors of sexual abuse may exhibit changes in behavior such as withdrawal, avoidance of certain situations or places, self-harming behaviors, substance abuse, eating disorders, or engaging in risky behaviors.
Impact on mental health: Sexual abuse can significantly impact mental health and contribute to the development of mental health disorders.
Social and relational consequences: Survivors may face challenges in forming and maintaining healthy relationships. They may experience difficulties in establishing trust, setting boundaries, or experiencing intimacy. They may also isolate themselves from others or struggle with social interactions.
Impact on self-perception: Sexual abuse can deeply affect a survivor’s sense of self-worth, self-image, and personal identity. It may lead to feelings of shame, self-blame, and a distorted perception of oneself.

It’s important to note that each individual’s experience and response to sexual abuse is unique. Recovery from sexual abuse is a complex process, and seeking professional support from therapists, counselors, or support groups can be crucial in healing and rebuilding one’s life.

What if My Abuser Was Never Charged with a Crime?

Sexual assault and abuse are crimes, and offenders can face serious charges and prison time for their actions. But while criminal charges are important in promoting accountability and providing some sense of justice to victims, they are not a meaningful source of compensation. Instead, survivors will need to bring their own legal action to recover damages.

At Levy Konigsberg, our attorneys represent sexual survivors in civil lawsuits that seek to hold all at-fault parties accountable. This includes the institutions, employers, and supervisory entities that failed to properly vet their staff, investigate allegations, or take the appropriate measures to stop and prevent abuse. Sometimes, it includes institutions that engaged in willful concealment and cover-ups.

Whether your abuser is deceased, in prison, or has never formally been charged in connection to your claims, you may still have grounds to pursue a civil lawsuit. Our team can review your case to determine who can be held accountable and how we can help.

How Long Do You Have to File a Child Sex Abuse Claim in New York?

Many victims of sex abuse are hesitant to come forward and speak about their experience. They may have been threatened to remain quiet, may be fearful of consequences for stepping forward, or may simply be unable to process their abuse. Many adults who were abused as children also feel shame about what occurred and take years of self-discovery to comes to terms with what happened.

Although a temporary lookback window created under the NY Child Victim’s Act has closed, state law does recognize that it takes time for survivors to process abuse they experienced as minors. As such, there are circumstances in which victims of child sex abuse have until the age of 55 to file civil claims.

If you were sexually abused as a child, please contact us so we can discuss your rights and available legal options. We can explain the New York statute of limitations for sexual abuse lawsuits and whether you have grounds to pursue a claim.

How Do I Know Which Lawyer to Call?

All law firms are unique, both in approach and the talents of their legal team. At Levy Konigsberg, you will find a team of dedicated professionals with more than 30 years of experience in complex and high-stakes cases. Our attorneys have the compassion, breadth of knowledge, vast experience, and history of positive case outcomes you want on your side. Our lawyers are committed to personal legal service, and as a leader in this field, provide the firepower needed to take on even the most powerful opponents.

Our NY sex abuse lawyers offer no-cost, private consultations and handle cases on contingency – which means there’s no fee unless we win. We understand the delicate nature of these matters and the need for total privacy and discretion. To speak with a lawyer, contact us.


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