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Levy Konigsberg is taking aggressive legal action on behalf of victims of childhood sex abuse.  The firm represents hundreds of clients, most of whom were victimized many decades ago, by perpetrators including priests, other clergy, teachers, doctors, therapists, coaches and others who violated positions of trust.  Led by Corey Stern and Anna Kull, the firm’s sex abuse legal team has recovered millions of dollars in compensation on behalf of New York sex abuse victims.  Corey Stern is a nationally-known litigator who has dedicated his career to fighting for people who have been harmed during their childhood years. Corey has served in a court-appointed leadership role in the Flint Water Crisis litigation where he represents more than 2,500 children. Anna Kull is a knowledgeable and experienced New York litigator who has spent her career representing children and adults throughout the Courts in New York.  Corey and Anna are passionate about advocating for victims of sexual abuse.

Levy Konigsberg’s New York sex abuse lawyers also include Alex Latanision, an experienced litigator who works to get the maximum recovery possible for sex abuse survivors. Former prosecutors Helene Weiss and Vara Lyons bring unique experience handling cases involving special victims, human trafficking, and other sex-related offenses. Renner Walker, known for his mastery of complex legal issues, joined Corey Stern, in spearheading a path-breaking class action against Rockefeller University Hospital arising out of the widespread sexual abuse by Dr. Reginald Archibald. Rockefeller University Hospital knew for decades that Dr. Archibald was sexually abusing hundreds or thousands of children—yet took no action to protect those children from abuse.

The New York sex abuse team at Levy Konigsberg utilizes the firm’s knowledge and experience gained from more than 30 years of experience in litigating mass tort and complex negligence actions in the State of New York.  The firm has the experience and resources to take on the biggest institutions that have covered up sexual abuse among its employees and agents. Levy Konigsberg attorneys are currently handling hundreds of cases against religious institutions, like the Catholic Church, that covered up an egregious and pervasive pattern of sexual abuse for decades. Our team is both litigating cases in court, and also working to resolve cases through several pre-suit settlement options. Our attorneys are also handling dozens of cases against the Boy Scouts of America.

Levy Konigsberg sex abuse attorneys are also fighting for children who were abused in schools and educational institutions, including a case arising out of the pervasive sexual abuse committed by disgraced former Stuyvesant High School assistant principal Richard Plass. Like many cases involving abuse in educational institutions, Plass abused his power and position to “groom” students and cultivate inappropriate relationships. But no only did he abuse his own power; he relied on allies in Stuyvesant High School’s senior administration to silence complaints and reports of his abusive behavior.

As a leading New York sex abuse law firm, our attorneys also help get justice for hundreds of victims who were sexually abused as children in foster care. Children in foster care are often already vulnerable, and all too often, their reports of sexual abuse to social workers and other foster care agency employees were ignored. Levy Konigsberg attorneys are handling these and many other types of cases where abusers relied on trusted institutions to conceal their sexually abusive behavior.

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