Anna is a partner at Levy Konigsberg’s New York office where she proudly focuses her practice in representing survivors of childhood sex abuse. Anna has dedicated her entire professional career to serving injured people and their families. Anna’s litigation experience spans a broad range of personal injury claims, with a strong emphasis on childhood trauma and injuries, catastrophic injuries resulting from serious accidents, toxic exposure to contaminated water, childhood lead poisoning, and medical malpractice. Anna’s combined legal knowledge, practical experience, and passion for justice enable her to hold institutions such as the Catholic Church, foster care providers, schools, the Boys Scouts of America, and other youth serving institutions accountable.

Throughout her legal career, Anna has written, argued, and won legal rulings related to tort law in the Appellate Divisions of the First and Second Departments within the State of New York. Prior to working at Levy Konigsberg, Anna gained extensive experience in litigating negligence cases, including product liability, municipal liability, and labor law.

Anna graduated magna cum laude from Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center where she was presented with numerous awards of excellence and recognition for her contributions to the academic community. Anna was an honorary member of the Faculty Fellows Program, participated in the Student Teacher program, and earned awards for academic excellence in legal writing, oral advocacy, holocaust law studies and evidence law studies.

Anna spearheads our firm’s litigation of civil sexual abuse lawsuits brought under the NY Child Victims Act and NY Adult Survivors Act. These cases include highly-publicized civil lawsuits brought on behalf of former inmates at women’s jails and prisons across New York. In September 2022, Anna was featured in a cover story in the New York Daily News about her work representing women who were abused at the now-closed Bayview Correctional Facility. In March 2023, Anna was featured in Brut Media’s short documentary film, “A Chance for Justice: Life After Abuse in Prison.” The documentary tells the story of women who are taking legal action after surviving sexual abuse in Bayview Correctional Facility and other women’s prisons throughout New York. Anna has also appeared on an episode of the Brutally Informed podcast discussing her representation of women sexually abused at Riker’s Island and the November 24, 2023 deadline for the Adult Survivor’s Act’s temporary filing window.

Following law school, Anna served as a judicial clerk in the Appellate Term of the Second Department as part of the Judicial Fellows Program. As a judicial fellow, she drafted and edited judicial opinions in civil and criminal matters.

Anna earned her Bachelor’s Degree in English from the State University of New York at Stony Brook where she also had a concentration in French Language Studies and Italian Studies.

Anna is admitted to practice in New York, New Jersey, and before the Federal Courts in the Southern District of New York, Eastern District of New York, and Eastern District of Michigan.

Notable Awards

  • Super Lawyers Rising Stars in 2018-2021
  • Top 10 Under 40 Personal Injury Attorneys in 2024 by the National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys (NAOPIA)
 Notable Work
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  • NY lawmakers vow legislation and hearings in response to sexual abuse allegations at Rikers. The Gothamist – 2024 – VISIT PUBLICATION
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  • The Editorial Board: Survivors of Prison Abuse Deserve Attention & Action – 2023 – VISIT PUBLICATION
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