Fighting for Sex Abuse Survivors Across Pennsylvania

If you or someone you love were sexually abused in Pennsylvania, you may have grounds to pursue a civil lawsuit against your abuser and/or the entity that failed to prevent the abuse.

Under Pennsylvania law, sexual abuse survivors have the right to recover compensation for their damages. But because the institutions that defend against civil sexual abuse lawsuits view them as major threats to the reputations and bottom lines, survivors face many challenges in their fight for justice.

At Levy Konigsberg, our team has extensive experience litigating sexual abuse lawsuits on behalf of survivors nationwide and knows how to help survivors fight back. Led by award-winning trial lawyers, we’ve taken on some of the country’s most powerful institutions and entities and have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for survivors.

Our Pennsylvania sexual abuse attorneys are known nationally for litigating complex and high-profile civil claims. To discuss your case and how we can help, call or contact us online. Consultations are FREE and confidential.

We Represent Survivors in All Types of Sex Abuse Claims

At Levy Konigsberg, we have the experience and resources to help survivors in sexual abuse lawsuits involving all types of institutions and circumstances, including:

Sex Abuse Suits Against Pennsylvania’s Catholic Dioceses

Hundreds of priests across Pennsylvania’s eight Roman Catholic dioceses have been credibly accused of abusing more than 1,000 child victims. And thanks to various investigations and high-profile cases over the years, we know that this rampant abuse was made possible by the Church’s inexcusable efforts to systematically conceal complaints and cover up abuse.

As a result of the damning investigations and evidence detailed in other civil and criminal legal filings, Pennsylvania’s Catholic dioceses continue to face claims from survivors looking to hold Church leadership accountable for failing to protect children. You may have a potential claim if:

  • You were abused by a priest, brother, volunteer, or other member of the Catholic Church.
  • The abuse took place in any of the eight Pennsylvania Roman Catholic Dioceses (Diocese of Pittsburgh, Diocese of Allentown, Diocese of Scranton, Diocese of Harrisburg, Diocese of Erie, Diocese of Greensburg, Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown, or the Archdiocese of Philadelphia).

Levy Konigsberg is actively investigating potential claims from survivors who were abused by Pennsylvania clergy and is closely tracking pending legislation that would open the door to a flood of sexual abuse lawsuits against Pennsylvania Catholic dioceses by extending the civil statute of limitations and creating a temporary filing window for survivors with previously time-barred claims.

If you have questions about a Pennsylvania Catholic Church sexual abuse lawsuit, we want to help.

Sexual Abuse Lawsuits Against Pennsylvania Juvenile Detention Centers

Levy Konigsberg has earned national recognition for our work representing former inmates who were sexually abused at jails, prisons, and juvenile detention centers across the country.

Now, we’re representing a growing number of survivors who were sexually abused at juvenile detention centers across Pennsylvania. This includes facilities like the Delaware County Juvenile Detention Center (DCJDC), which has faced years of scrutiny for creating a culture of unprofessionalism, cover-ups, and oversight failures that allows numerous youth inmates to suffer harm.

Learn more about Pennsylvania juvenile detention center sex abuse lawsuits.

Pennsylvania’s Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Statute of Limitations & Pending Law

In Pennsylvania, the current statute of limitations for civil sex abuse claims is the age of adulthood plus 12 years, which means that survivors sexually abused as minors typically have until the age of 30 to file legal action.

As in other states across the country, Pennsylvania’s current statute of limitations for childhood sexual abuse claims has been criticized for barring numerous survivors from seeking justice and compensation for their damages and for failing to recognize accepted research about the considerable difficulties survivors face when processing their abuse and taking steps to come forward. Thanks to new efforts by advocates and lawmakers, however, there are now pending measures before the Pennsylvania Legislature that seek to expand the rights of child sex abuse survivors.

These groundbreaking measures, which are expected to pass, will create new opportunities for survivors to step forward and obtain long-overdue justice. If passed, these measures would:

  • Extend the civil statute of limitations for child victims to age 55.
  • Create a temporary two-year window for child sexual abuse survivors to file claims over abuse that occurred at any time in the past.

Levy Konigsberg is closely tracking the proposed sexual abuse measures in Pennsylvania and is actively working with survivors looking for information about filing claims under the new extended statute of limitations or two-year lookback window, should these measures become law.

Learn more about the pending Pennsylvania child sex abuse measures or contact our firm to discuss your legal options under the current statute of limitations or amended laws.

Who Can You Sue in a Pennsylvania Sex Abuse Civil Case?

In a sex abuse civil case in Pennsylvania, the parties you might sue can vary depending on the circumstances of the abuse and the relationships involved.

Some potential parties that could be sued in sexual abuse cases include:

  • Individual Perpetrator: The alleged perpetrator of the sexual abuse can be named as a defendant in the lawsuit. This is often the person who directly committed the abusive acts.
  • Institutions and Organizations: If the abuse occurred within an institution or organization, such as a school, church, sports club, or workplace, and they failed to take appropriate action to prevent or address the abuse, they might also be held liable.
  • Employers: If the perpetrator was an employee of an organization or institution, the employer might be held vicariously liable for the actions of their employee if the abuse occurred within the scope of their employment.
  • Other Individuals: Depending on the circumstances, other individuals who were aware of the abuse or had a duty to protect the victim but failed to do so might also be named as defendants.
  • Property Owners: If the abuse occurred on a property owned by someone else, and the property owner failed to provide adequate security or take reasonable steps to prevent the abuse, they might be considered liable.
  • Government Entities: In some cases, government entities might be involved, especially if the abuse occurred within a state institution or facility. Suing a government entity might involve specific procedures and limitations.

Sexual abuse cases are complex and consequential claims that pose big threats to institutions and corporations. As such, it is strongly advised that survivors with potential cases consult with attorneys who have the necessary experience in this field and the ability to help evaluate your legal options.

Our Pennsylvania sexual abuse attorneys at Levy Konigsberg are available to help identify potential defendants in your case and discuss what we can do to help.

Can I Still File a Sex Abuse Claim if My Abuser is Dead or Was Never Charged with a Crime?

Yes. Civil sexual abuse lawsuits function independently from criminal proceedings. They are focused solely on establishing a defendant’s liability for damages and are not concerned with determining the criminal culpability of an offender. Furthermore, these lawsuits can be directed towards entities and institutions that failed in their duty to prevent abuse and safeguard victims.

It is possible for to pursue a valid civil sexual abuse lawsuit even in scenarios where:

  • Your abuser was never subjected to a criminal inquiry or criminal charges.
  • Your abuser was acquitted of charges in a criminal trial.
  • Your abuser is deceased.

Recoverable Damages in Sexual Abuse Claims

In addition to providing accountability and a sense of justice, civil sex abuse lawsuits allow survivors to recover financial compensation for their damages, which may include:

  • Past medical and mental health expenses
  • Future mental health expenses, including therapy, medications, etc.
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish and psychological harm
  • Lost income
  • Other economic and non-economic damages

Levy Konigsberg: Proven Advocacy in Sex Abuse Litigation

Levy Konigsberg is a U.S. News “Best Law Firms” ranked trial practice that has earned national recognition for our work litigating complex claims against powerful defendants. Our team has won landmark rulings, record settlements and verdicts, and decisions that have helped change laws and lives.

In addition to our work fighting for injured victims and families, our firm has also cultivated a reputation of success in high-stakes sexual abuse litigation. Some of our work includes:

  • Millions of dollars in compensation recovered for survivors across the country, including those in states where survivor-centric laws created temporary filing windows.
  • Award-winning recognition from peers and the media, including a recent NY Daily News cover story profiling our ongoing work representing women sexually abused in NY prisons.
  • High-profile sexual abuse litigation against powerful institutions, including the Catholic Church, state and municipal corrections departments, and universities and hospital systems that failed to protect survivors.

You can learn more about our latest sexual abuse work on our blog.

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