Birth Defects

Semiconductors and Birth Defects

Birth defect attorneys at LK continue to seek justice for semiconductor employees and their children born with birth defects.

clean roomFor over a decade, birth defect attorneys at Levy Konigsberg LLP (“LK”), have been representing families whose children suffer from birth defects caused by their parents’ wrongful exposure to toxic chemicals during employment in the semiconductor industry.

That industry has long been aware that chemicals involved in their manufacturing processes, including ethylene glycol ethers, posed dangers to the health of its workers’ offspring. In the 1970s, published literature documented such birth defects based on animal studies. In the early 1980s, the federal government and the State of California released official notices of the reproductive hazards associated with ethylene glycol ethers. The industry’s own trade association, the Semiconductor Industry Association, also informed its members as early as 1982 that ethylene glycol ethers were causing birth defects in animal studies.

Despite this knowledge, the semiconductor industry failed to provide a safe workplace or adequate protections for its employees and their children. Most companies did not substitute ethylene glycol ethers with safer alternative chemicals until the mid to late 1990s. However, they continued to employ men and women of childbearing age in the “Fabs” – the manufacturing facilities where silicon wafers were fabricated. Semiconductor employees often worked in “clean rooms,” which were designed to protect the wafers from contamination by airborne particles. Significantly, however, the recirculated air and inadequate exhausts on the tools in the clean rooms resulted in ongoing harmful exposures to the workers, whose “protective gear” was designed to protect the wafers, rather than the employees.

Birth defect attorneys at LK have brought lawsuits on behalf of families in which the parents were exposed to reproductive toxins in semiconductor manufacturing plants in Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico, and other states. The types of birth defects involved in these cases include:

  • Retinoblastoma;
  • Limb abnormalities;
  • Heart problems;
  • Brain damage;
  • Spinal cord damage;
  • Skeletal deformities;
  • Organ injuries;
  • Spina bifida;
  • Gestational cancers.

These actions are principally filed in state courts in Delaware, California, and Illinois.

ATTENTION: If you believe that your child’s birth defect was caused by exposure to toxic chemicals or hazardous conditions in your workplace, you and your child may be entitled to compensation. For a free consultation, please call our experienced birth defect lawyers via our 24/7 toll-free hotline at 1-800-988-8005 or by submitting a confidential email inquiry (see form above).


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