Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

Sexual Abuse Claims Against Rockefeller University Hospital and the Estate of Reginald Archibald

Investigations in 2004 and 2018 conducted by Rockefeller University Hospital revealed a long and extensive history of sexual abuse by one its most well-known physicians – pediatric endocrinologist – Dr. Reginald Archibald.  Archibald sexually abused thousands of children during his four decades of work at the hospital. Over 9,000 patients were treated by Dr. Archibald for various medical issues related to growth and maturation.


Rockefeller University Hospital had Knowledge of Archibald’s Sexual Abuse

While Archibald was practicing medicine at Rockefeller University Hospital, the hospital was aware of credible claims of sexual misconduct dating back to 1960, yet it took no action. In 2004, while Archibald was still alive and after new allegations emerged, Rockefeller hired a law firm to investigate the claims, and ultimately the investigation concluded that the reports were credible. But neither the law firm nor the hospital took any action. The 2004 inquiry led to the discovery of additional reports of sexual abuse, which were made in the 1990s. In 2018, the University conducted another investigation, using the same law firm it hired for the same purpose in 2004, and for the second time in two decades found credible evidence that Archibald systematically and on a grand scale sexually abused his patients, who were all young children.

At no time did the hospital reprimand or suspend Dr. Archibald, or supply any meaningful evidence to the authorities, thereby failing to protect its young and often most vulnerable patients.

Victims Sue for Reckless Notification of Abuse

The 2018 investigation prompted a mass mailing of over 1,000 letters to former patients of the now deceased Archibald, as detailed in the class action lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges that the proposed class plaintiff suffered sexual trauma for years as Archibald’s patient, and that the hospital’s reckless and opportunistic mailing re-traumatized him and other victims. According to the lawsuit, the hospital irresponsibly re-victimized patients who were sexually abused and blatantly disregarded how the letter would be received by former patients, and requested that victims reach out to the hospital to share their stories of abuse. The letter stated that the recipient may have been the victim of sexual abuse by Archibald, but it did not indicate how information supplied by the victims would be used, address privacy concerns, or even identify the sender as an attorney. Thus, recipients were subjected to a gross invasion of their privacy and suffered significant emotional distress.

Litigation Against Rockefeller University Hospital

Beginning in August of 2019, hundreds, if not thousands of lawsuits will likely be filed against the hospital for its role in Archibald’s sexual abuse of thousands of patients at the hospital’s facilities, and that the hospital is not only responsible for Archibald’s conduct, but that it had knowledge of the Archibald’s conduct throughout his career. In addition, the lawsuits will allege that Archibald took pornographic photos of his victims and that the photos were kept at the hospital.

Archibald’s victims have spoken about the emotional and physical difficulties that have plagued them well into adulthood, including depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.  Many of these victims can now seek justice against the perpetrator and the institution that concealed the abuse as a result the Child Victims Act in New York.

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