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The New York Adult Survivors Act (ASA) has opened a limited-time lookback window to allow adult survivors of sexual abuse to file civil claims against their attackers. For the women who were incarcerated at Taconic Correctional Facility in New York, the ASA has created what might be the only opportunity to seek justice for past sexual assaults carried out by staff and officers there.

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What is Taconic Correctional Facility?

Taconic Correctional Facility is located in Bedford Hills, New York. It is a medium-security women-only prison. It is primarily operated by the New York State Department of Correctional Services and Community Supervision (NYDOCS), which is the party that will be the likely defendant in any Taconic Correctional Facility sexual abuse lawsuits.

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Sexual Abuse & Assaults at Taconic Correctional Facility

Although some of the most prominent reports of sexual abuse at Taconic Correctional Facility came to light in recent years, it is a part of the larger Bedford Hills correctional center, which is shared with Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, another women-only prison. The correctional center overall has had reports of sexual abuse dating back decades. Hundreds of women are now coming forward due to past sexual abuse in New York Prisons to file claims under the Adult Survivors Act.

A few of the known sexual abuses and incidents at Taconic include:

  • 2012: Officer Frederick Brenyah is found guilty on multiple counts of sex crimes, including the 3rd-degree rape of an inmate.
  • 2014: Officer Richard Rodriguez pled guilty to one count of 3rd-degree rape of a female inmate.
  • 2017: Officer Jeffrey Green pled guilty to one federal charge of sexual assault against an inmate.
  • 2018: Officer Garth Trail pled guilty to one count of a 3rd-degree criminal sexual act involving a Taconic inmate in 2017.

No Available Consent Defense

Importantly, New York laws prevent an inmate from giving consent for sexual activities with a person with authority over them, such as a prison staff member or correctional officer. Due to this statute, all sexual acts between an inmate of Taconic and a worker of the prison – including wardens, officers, administrators, contracted workers, volunteers, etc. – can constitute sexual assault due to the lack of consent. Therefore, Taconic and the NYDOCS cannot try to argue consent as a defense.

Lookback Window Made by the ASA

The New York Adult Survivors Act only created a one-year lookback window, which allows sexual abuse claims to be filed in civil court, regardless of previous statutes of limitations. In other words, even if you were sexually abused decades ago in Taconic Correctional Facility, the ASA will allow you to file a claim, up until its window closes on November 24, 2023.

Please do not miss your chance to use the ASA lookback window. It is unlikely that there will be future legislation to allow more claims once the window closes.

A sexual abuse civil claim can demand damages for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) complications
  • Any provable medical costs associated with the sexual abuse

It is also possible that a court could approve punitive damages against the defendant. Punitive damages are used to compensate for a specific loss. Instead, punitive damages are used to punish the defendant for criminal wrongdoing. Punitive damages are rare, though, so not all cases will include them.

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