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Levy Konigsberg LLP is at the forefront of toxic chemical exposure litigation. With verdicts and recoveries in the tens and hundreds of millions of dollars to its credit, LK has a distinguished record of helping people who have suffered tragic injuries. Victims of wrongful exposure to dangerous substances – chemicals, radiation, contaminated groundwater, lead, manganese, asbestos, tungsten, silica, and hazardous dusts – can look to LK with confidence.

LK has represented:

  • IBM semiconductor workers and their offspring exposed to chemicals in computer chip manufacturing;
  • Industrial workers exposed to benzene and other organic solvents;
  • Shipyard and construction workers exposed to asbestos and other toxins;
  • Offspring of women who used DES or Depo Provera;
  • Residents of Jackson Township, New Jersey, exposed to volatile organic solvents in their groundwater;
  • Offspring of families exposed to chemicals in their drinking water;
  • U.S. service members and civilians exposed to nuclear radiation from atomic testing in the 1950s and 1960s;
  • Beauticians and their offspring exposed to toxic chemicals in hair dyes, nail polish, and other cosmetics;
  • The offspring of Navajo farmers and shepherds exposed to tailings and other wastes from uranium mining;
  • Welders exposed to toxic welding fumes suffering from Parkinson’s disease and Parkinsonism;

By working closely with members of the medical and scientific profession, LK provides its clients with the assistance of specialists trained in epidemiology, toxicology, pharmacology, industrial hygiene, mineralogy, chemistry, dysmorphology, embryology, oncology, genetics, neurology, pathology, and occupational medicine.

If you, or someone you know, may have been injured as a result of exposure to dangerous chemicals, heavy metals or dusts such as lead, mercury, tungsten, silica, manganese, photoresists, industrial alcohols, asbestos, radiation, or other toxic materials, you may wish to retain counsel to help minimize the ordeal. We, at LK, can help.

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