SEATTLE, Washington, August 19, 2013 – Washington mesothelioma lawyer and the team of nationally-acclaimed asbestos attorneys at the law firm of Levy Konigsberg LLP (“LK”) have helped multiple Washington State clients pursue compensation for personal injuries and wrongful death caused by asbestos exposure.

Every year, thousands of men and women across the country are diagnosed with mesothelioma, including many in the State of Washington. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, Washington State made it into a deadly “top ten” list – ranking 8th among all states in the nation on most asbestos deaths from mesothelioma1 and 10th in the country for the of number of deaths from other asbestos-related diseases, such as lung cancer and asbestosis2.

Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases could have been prevented if workers had been warned about the dangers of asbestos and had been properly protected from exposure to the deadly carcinogen.

Washington State, unfortunately, has an extensive number of sites at which workers and communities were exposed to asbestos. Paper mills and paper production plants, lumber mills, breweries, power houses, hydroelectric plants, and nuclear facilities are all prime locations for exposure to asbestos, and are industries for which Washington has more than its fair share. Moreover, its advantageous ports and location along the West Coast have provided a tantalizing location for oil and chemical refineries from giants such as Mobile, BP, and Chevron, all of which refineries used vast amounts of asbestos materials as a fire retardant or heat protector.

Washington also hosts a number of strategic military facilities, including numerous Navy, Marine, Army and Air Force bases at which asbestos exposure was common. In addition, both the military and commercial shipping industries have represented a wealth of shipbuilding and ship repair facilities. Heavy amounts of asbestos were used during both the construction of the vessels and then to insulate machinery onboard the ships – all making shipyards among the most asbestos-contaminated work sites known. Moreover, many schools, hospitals, and public buildings in Washington have been found to be sites of asbestos exposure.

The EPA has also reported that, between 1948 to as late as 1993, 33 different locations throughout Washington, mostly in Spokane and Seattle, received approximately 981 shipments of vermiculite from a Libby, Montana, mine, which was highly asbestos-containing. 63,611 tons of vermiculite were shipped to Washington and used for insulation and other uses and was sold under the brand name Zonolite. Processing the vermiculite for uses not only exposed workers in the processing locations, but also those buying the insulation to insulate their homes and those living near the processing plants.

A Washington-licensed mesothelioma lawyer at LK has shared a sampling of work sites that may have contributed to asbestos exposure in Washington State:


  • Anderson Middleton Lumber Co;
  • Grays Harbor Railway and Light Co.;
  • Harbor Plywood Corp.;
  • Pacific Heating Co;
  • Wilson Brothers and Co.;


  • Boise Cascade Corp;
  • Cascade Kraft, Division of Boise Cascade Corp.;
  • Columbia Kraft Corp;


  • Boeing Aircraft;
  • Northern Pacific Railway Co;


  • Ballard Electric Co;
  • Seattle Cedar Lumber Manufacturing. Co.;


  • Armstrong Cont & Supplies;
  • Atlantic Richfield Co. (Arco);
  • Bloedel Donovan Lumber Co.;
  • Brower Co.;
  • Burlington Northern Uptown;
  • Columbia Cement;
  • E. K. Wood Lumber Co.;
  • Georgia Pacific Corp;
  • International Crossarms;
  • Larson Lumber Co.;
  • Puget Sound Pulp & Paper;
  • Puget Sound Pulp and Timber Co.;
  • Puget Sound Traction Light and Power Co.;
  • Whatcom City Railway and Light Co.;
  • Whatcom Falls Milling Co.;


  • Bleach Plant & Digestor;
  • Crown Columbia Pulp and Paper Co.;
  • Crown Willamette Paper Co;
  • Crown Zellerbach;
  • Kraft Bleach Plant;


  • Carnation Milk Products Co.;
  • Pacific Coast Condensed Milk Co;
  • Washington Oregon Corp;


  • Lewiston-Clarkston Improvement Co.;


  • Harvey Aluminum;
  • Martin Marietta Aluminum Inc;

Hanaford Creek

  • Pacific Power & Light Company;
  • Cosmopolis;
  • Grays Harbor Mill;
  • Weyerhaeuser Timber Co;


  • Central WA State College Steam Boiler Plant;
  • Food Facilities Warehouse;


  • Manley-Moore Lumber Co.;


  • Atlantic Richfield Co. – Cherry Point Refinery;
  • Bechtel Corp.;
  • BP Oil Company;
  • ConocoPhillips Company;
  • General Petroleum Refinery;
  • Mobil Chemical;
  • Socony Mobil Oil Company;
  • Magnolia / Mobil Oil;
  • Texaco;

Fort Lewis

  • Fort Lewis Laundry;
  • Pittsburgh & Midway Coal Co.;
  • U S Army Laundry;
  • United States Army Corps of Engineers;


  • Guthrie Air Base;


  • Goldendale Aluminum Company;
  • Klickitat Pine Box Company;


  • Blaw-Knox Company;
  • Bumstead-Woolford Co.;
  • Export Water Line;
  • Hanford Atomic Works;
  • Hanford Atomic Works/ Hanford Steam Distribution;
  • Hanford Engineer Works;
  • Hanford Nuclear Facility;
  • Hanford Nuclear Reservation;
  • Westinghouse Hanford Facility;


  • Mobil Oil Refinery;

Joyce (Lake Pleasant Mill)

  • Bureau of Aircraft Prod.;


  • Dow Chemical Co.;
  • Kalama Chemical, Inc.;


  • Boeing Aircraft;
  • Cam Industries;
  • Liquid Air Incorporated;
  • Boeing;


  • St Regis Paper Co;
  • Harvey Aluminum;


  • Armstrong Contracting & Supply Corporation;
  • Boecon Corporation;
  • Long Bell Lumber Co.;
  • Long Bell Powerhouse;
  • Longview Fibre Company;
  • M&M Plywood Corp;
  • North Pacific Paper Corporation;
  • Reynolds Metals Company;
  • Standard Dairy – 806 Ocean Beach Highway;
  • Vessel – #4 Reactor;
  • Weyerhauser Paper Mill;
  • Weyerhauser Timber Company;


  • General Store and Coal;
  • Northwestern Imp’m’t Co.;


  • Washington State Reformatory;

Mount Rainier

  • Sargent Incinerators;

Mount Vernon

  • Carnation Company;
  • Pacific Coast Condensed Milk Co.;


  • Casco Co;
  • Continental Can Co;
  • Evergreen State College – Central Utility Plant;
  • Georgia Pacific Paper Co;
  • Olympia Brewing Company;


  • Chef-Reddy Food Corporation;


  • Northern Pacific Railway Co;

Port Angeles

  • Crown Zellerbach Corp;
  • Daishowa America;
  • ITT Rayonier Inc;
  • Olympic Forest Products Co.;
  • Paraffine Co.;
  • Siems, Carey H.S. Kerbaugh Co.;
  • Washington Pulp & Paper;


  • Warren Little & Lund;
  • Washington State University;


  • Willapa Lumber Co.;
  • Texaco Oil;


  • 300 Area Hanford Works – High Temp Sodium Facility;
  • AEC Handford Works;
  • Armstrong Contracting & Supply Corporation;
  • Atlantic Richfield (Arco) – Manford;
  • Atomic Energy Commission;
  • Burns & Roe, Inc.;
  • Douglas United Nuclear;
  • General Electric (GE);
  • Hanford Engineer Works;
  • Rockwell International;
  • WA Public Power Supply System Nuclear Project;
  • Hanford Atomic Plant;


  • Northern Pacific Railway Co.;
  • Northwestern Improvement Co;
  • Roslyn Fuel Co.;
  • Washington State Power Commission;


  • Acme Linen Supply;
  • Aircraft Plywood Corp.;
  • Alan Schmidt;
  • Alapul;
  • Alaska Ferry;
  • Alaska Steam;
  • Alaskan Air Base;
  • Alaskan Copper Works – Stainless Steel Floats;
  • Albers Brothers, Milling Co.;
  • Aluminum Pleasure Craft;
  • American Bear;
  • American Can;
  • American Linen Supply Co.;
  • American Planter;
  • American Potato Company;
  • American Racer;
  • AOCOO;
  • Armstrong Cont & Supplies;
  • Asbestos Spray Reefer;
  • Associated Shipbuilding;
  • Automatic Sprinkler Corporation of America – Piers;
  • Babcock & Wilcox;
  • Becksmith & Kuffel;
  • Belknap Glass Company;
  • Bermtide;
  • Bethlehem Steel Corporation;
  • Black Ball Freight Service;
  • Boatyard Incorporated – Acoustic Pads;
  • Boeing Airplane Co.;
  • Boeing Aircraft Co;
  • Boeing Building 201;
  • Boeing Marine Systems Shipbuilding & Repair;
  • Boeing Plant 1;
  • Boeing Plant 2;
  • Brand Insulations In;
  • Brower Co.;
  • Brower Company;
  • Bureau of Yards and Docks, Sand Pt., Naval Air Station;
  • Burlington Northern Diesel Facilities;
  • C & H Sugar Ship;
  • California Incorporated;
  • California Ink Company – 1727 Alaskan Way Company;
  • Carnation Milk Products Co.;
  • Catawaba Ford;
  • Centennial Mill Co;
  • Chemco Incorporated;
  • Chemithon Corporation – 5430 West Marginal Way;
  • Chevron Asphalt Company;
  • Chevron Transporter;
  • City Light Plant;
  • City of Seattle Wash Garbage Destructor #2;
  • Claussen Brewing Co;
  • Clough Lumber Co;
  • Coca Cola Seattle;
  • Columbia and Puget Sound Railway Co.;
  • Commando;
  • Container Corp of America;
  • Continental Can Company Incorporated – Cardell Growers;
  • Covey Laundry Service;
  • Crim Incorporated – Acoustic Pads;
  • Crown Zellerbach Corp;
  • Denny Renton Clay and Coal Co.;
  • Diamond Ice and Storage Co;
  • Downs Northwest Diebold;
  • Dulien Steel Products Inc of Washington;
  • Duwamish Shipyard Corporation;
  • EJ Bartells;
  • E.M. Jorgensen;
  • Earling Junior;
  • Eastern Cold Storage;
  • Edison Electric Ill’g Co.;
  • Fiberglas Engineering & Supply Co.;
  • Fiberglas Marine;
  • Fire Brick Supply Company;
  • Fisher Flouring Mills Inc;
  • Fishers Siding;
  • Fluor Extraction Plant;
  • Fort Fetterman;
  • Fort Flagler;
  • Foss Tug Company;
  • Fraser Boiler Co;
  • Fryer and Knowles;
  • General Electric & Texaco;
  • Glen Merritt Company;
  • Great Northern Diesel Service;
  • Great Northern Railway, Co.;
  • Greyhound Bus Terminal;
  • General Services Administration (GSA) Building;
  • H C Smith Construction;
  • Harbor Island Shipyard;
  • Henshaw Bulkley and Co;
  • Hollenbeck & Sather Drywall Co;
  • Hydraulic Supply Manufacturing Company;
  • Ideal Cement Company;
  • Insulation Inc;
  • Insulation Services Incorporated;
  • Interbay Railroad Yard;
  • Isaacson Steel Division;
  • J F Duthie Co;
  • J H Mac Garegill;
  • J W Nickle;
  • Jarvis;
  • Jensen Air Freight;
  • Jensen Air Freight Terminal;
  • John F Shea;
  • Juanita Pumping Substation;
  • Juneau Fed Building – Alaska Steamship Co Vanning Station;
  • KJ Barnett Company;
  • Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical;
  • Kaiser Cement;
  • Kenai Packers – Airedale & Labrador;
  • Kennecott Cooper Corp;
  • King County Jail;
  • King Dome;
  • L.G. Massart Company;
  • Lake Hills Sewage Treatment Plant – Digestor Tank;
  • Lake Union Drydock Company;
  • Lake Union Shipyard;
  • Lake Washington Shipyard;
  • Liquid Carbonic Corp;
  • Lockheed Shipbuilding & Construction (a/k/a Puget Sound Bridge & Dredge);
  • Lone Star Sand and Gravel;
  • Longview Fibre Co.;
  • Marine Power & Equipment Co.;
  • Martin-Close-Massart – Diesel Muffler;
  • McArthur-Davidson;
  • Monsanto Chemical Company;
  • Mortrude Flooring Company;
  • Mount Lake Laboratory – Chiller;
  • Mutual Light and Heat Co;
  • Naval Ship Repair Facility;
  • New England Fish Company;
  • Northwest Steel ;
  • Olympic Calpet Refining Co.;
  • Olympic Foundry;
  • Oregon Standard;
  • Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp.;
  • Pacific Brotherhood Investment Co.;
  • Pacific Coast Co.;
  • Pacific Coast Consolidated Milk Co;
  • Pacific Fisherman;
  • Pacific Intermountain Express;
  • Pacific Iron & Metal Co;
  • Pacific Northwest Bell;
  • Peshastin Fruit;
  • Pier 20 Docks;
  • Pier 41;
  • Pier 90;
  • Pier 91;
  • Pioneer Sand & Gravel;
  • Plainwell Paper;
  • Polymer Science Lab;
  • Portable Pads Insulation Service;
  • PSF Industries – Exhaust Plenums;
  • Puget Sound Bridge & Dredge Shipyard;
  • Puget Sound Bridge & Dry Dock;
  • Puget Sound International Railway and Power Co.;
  • Puget Sound Naval Shipyard;
  • Puget Sound Power and Light Corp;
  • Puget Sound Pulp and Timber Co;
  • Puget Sound Traction Light and Power Co;
  • Puget Sound Tug & Barge;
  • Kiro Radio Station;
  • Rainer Avenue Pumping Station;
  • Rainier Brewing Company;
  • Rainier Heat and Power Co.;
  • Ralph Company Incorporated;
  • Rath Packing Company;
  • Rayonier Inc;
  • Refrigerated Transit;
  • Rhone Poulenc Basic Chemicals Inc.;
  • S E Brown and Co.;
  • S’Gemts;
  • Safeway Distribution Center;
  • Saint Helens Pulp & Paper Company;
  • Salmon Bay Sand and Gravel;
  • Sand Point Naval Air Station;
  • Sand Point Rehabilitation;
  • Sealand Services;
  • Sea-Land Warehouse;
  • Sears Roebuck and Co.;
  • Seattle Packing Company;
  • Seattle Steam Co. Power Plant;
  • Seattle Tacoma Power Co;
  • Seattle-Tacoma Satellite Transit System;
  • Seatrain Marine;
  • Seattle Boiler Works;
  • Seattle Brewing and Malting Co;
  • Seattle Cedar Lumber Manufacturing Co.;
  • Seattle City Light;
  • Seattle Electric Co.;
  • Seattle Gas Co;
  • Seattle Linen;
  • Seattle Shipyard;
  • Seattle Steam Corporation;
  • Seattle Supply;
  • Seattle Tacoma Airport;
  • Seattle Tacoma Airport – Pacific Northern Airlines Hanger;
  • Seattle Terminal Co;
  • Seattle-Tacoma Shipbuilding/ Seatac;
  • Shell Chemical;
  • Shell Oil Co;
  • Shell Oil Co., Harbor Is.;
  • Siems Drake Puget Sound;
  • Sitka Pulp Mill Builders;
  • Slems Drake Puget Sound;
  • Space Needle;
  • Spear & Burke Oil Company;
  • Spram Tower – Cheminthon;
  • Standard Furniture Co.;
  • Sundfelt Equipment Co.;
  • Supply Laundry Co;
  • Swanson River Field, Alaska – Plant 1965 Gas Facility;
  • Texaco Oil;
  • The Brower Company;
  • Times Investment Co.;
  • T-LSV;
  • Todd Shipyard;
  • Troy Cascade Laundry Co.;
  • Under Sea Gardens;
  • Unicor Inc;
  • Uniflite Incorporated;
  • Union Oil Co of California;
  • Union Pacific Railroad;
  • Union Pacific Railroad – Aroo Yard;
  • United Airlines;
  • U.S. Naval Air Station – Sand Point;
  • United States Plywood Co.;
  • Walashek Industrial and Marine;
  • Washington Iron Works;
  • Washington Natural Gas;
  • Washington Rr & Navigation Company;
  • Washington State Ferries;
  • Western Pioneer;
  • Weyerhauser Paper Mill;
  • Wheeler Osgood Co;
  • Willamette Iron & Steel;


  • Granger Clay Products;
  • John I. Haas, Inc.;


  • Bechtel Corp.;
  • Collier Carbon & Chemical Co;
  • E.K. Wood Lumber Co;
  • Fisher Packing Co;
  • Morrison Mill Co;
  • Northwest Petrochemical;
  • Puget Sound Works;
  • Shell Oil;
  • Tecnal Corp;
  • Texaco Inc. Refinery;
  • Texas Company;
  • Shell Oil Company;


  • Washington Portland Cement Co.;

Bangor Hoods Canal

  • United States Naval Ammunition Storage and Tran Shipment Facilities;


  • Atlantic Richfield Co. (Arco);
  • Haskell Power Building;


  • Puget Sound Naval Shipyard;
  • Brand Insulations In;
  • Bremerton Elect Co;
  • Bremerton Naval Shipyard;
  • Bremerton, Charleston Light and Fuel Co.;
  • Bureau of Yards and Docks Puget Sound Navy Yard;
  • Burnett Jewelry Store;
  • Lents, Inc.;
  • Pacific Telephone & Telegraph;
  • U.S. Naval Submarine Base;


  • Centralia Power Plant;
  • Eastern Railway and Lumber Co;
  • Northern Pacific Railway Co;
  • Pacific Power and Light/ Washington Water Power Co;
  • Pacificorp;


  • Scott Paper Company;

Cle Elum

  • Northwestern Improvement Co;

Columbia Junction

  • Weyerhauser Timber Co;


  • E.I. Dupont De Nemours and Co;


  • Penn Iron and Steel Co;
  • Stavangerfjord – Wallen Nelskog;
  • Union Oil Company;


  • Bethany Home;
  • Boeing Aircraft – Paine Field;
  • Coast Ice and Cold Storage Co;
  • Everett Flour Mill Co.;
  • Everett Pulp & Paper Company;
  • Everett Railway Light and Water Co.;
  • Everett Rivay and Electric Co.;
  • General Telephone Building;
  • Kimberly-Clark Corporation;
  • Litwin Corporation;
  • Meyerhouse Timber Co.;
  • National Pole and Treating Co;
  • Paine Air Force Base;
  • Parker Lumber and Box Co.;
  • Scott Paper Co;
  • Simpson Paper Co;
  • Soundview Pulp Co.;
  • Walton Lumber Co;
  • Weidauer and Lansdown;
  • Weyerhauser Paper Mill;
  • Weyerhauser Timber Co.;
  • Yankee Hood;
  • Scott Paper;
  • E.A. Nord Co.;
  • Everett Pulp and Paper Co;


  • Puget Sound Traction Light and Power Co.;
  • Seattle Electric Co.;
  • Sweeney Brewery;

Harbor Island

  • Puget Sound Bridge & Dredge – Yard #1;
  • Shell Oil – Tank #12;


  • Eureka Cedar Lumber and Shingle Co.;
  • Grays Harbor Mill;
  • Grays Harbor Pulp & Paper Company;
  • Harbor Plywood Corp.;
  • Hoquiam Plywood Co;
  • ITT Rayonier Inc – Grays Harbor division;
  • ITT Rayonier, Inc. – Central engineering;
  • North Western Lumber Co;
  • Pease & Sons;
  • Polson Logging Co.;
  • Rayonier Inc.;
  • Valley Inland Pacific Company;


  • Brick Yard;
  • Cal-Spray;
  • Chevron Chemical;
  • Church Grape Juice Co.;
  • Phillips Pacific Chemical;
  • Welch Grape Juice Company;
  • Prodica;


  • Keyport Torpedo Station; Bureau of Yards and Docks;
  • United States Naval Torpedo Station;


  • Everett Pulp & Paper Company;


  • Aluminum Co of America;


  • American Viking;
  • Cherry Lane Reefer – Don La Coursier;

Medical Lake

  • Eastern State Hospital Annex;
  • Washington State Board of Control Eastern Washington Hospital For The Insane;


  • Inland Empire Paper Company;

Moses Lake

  • American Potato Company;
  • Larson Air Force Base;
  • Northwest Agricultural Products;
  • Pronto Foods, Inc.;
  • U & I, Inc.;
  • Utah-Idaho Sugar Company;


  • LG Massart Inc – Boeing Building #40-11 – Paine Field;
  • Navarre P/H – Boeing Building #40-12 – Paine Field;

Orchard Point

  • United States Naval Fuel Depot Air Station (Austin Co.);


  • Haskell & Burns;
  • Oroville Lumber Co;


  • American Machine & Foundry Company;


  • Hanford Project Reactor;
  • Northern Pacific Railway Co;
  • Tidewater Shaver Asphalt Co.;

Port Ludlow

  • Chas. R. McCormick Lumber Co;

Port Townsend

  • Crown Zellerbach Corp;
  • Fibre Board Products;
  • National Paper Products Co.;
  • Port Townsend Paper Company;


  • Lamb Western;
  • Witco Chemical Co., Inc.;


  • AC & S Inc;
  • Boeing Aircraft Co;
  • Defense Plant Corp Plancor 156;
  • E. J. Bartells Co;
  • K. J. Barnett Inc;
  • Owens Corning Fiberglas;
  • Pacific Car and Foundry Co;
  • Puget Sound Energy;
  • Steam & Condensate System;
  • Tank Insulation;

Richmond Beach

  • Chevron Asphalt Company;
  • Shell Co of California Inc;
  • Standard Oil Co of California;
  • Westinghouse Electric Company;


  • Rainier Pulp & Paper;
  • Simpson Timber Company;
  • State of Washington, Washington Correction Center;
  • Simpson Insulation Board;


  • A.L. Flewelling;
  • Alcoa Aluminum (f/k/a Reynolds Metals);
  • Armour and Co;
  • Armstrong Contracting & Supply Corporation;
  • Atlas Boiler Co;
  • B Schade Brewing Co;
  • Black Carbon Coal Co.;
  • Bumstead-Woolford – Boiler Drums;
  • Carnation Co;
  • Central Steam Plant;
  • Defense Plant Corp;
  • E J Bartells Co;
  • Fairchild Air Force Base;
  • Fiberglas Engineering & Supply Co.;
  • Fiberglas Warehouse;
  • General Electric;
  • General Machinery Co;
  • Insulation Inc;
  • Jas Smyth Plumbing and Heating Co;
  • Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical;
  • Kerley Chemical Co Inc;
  • Linde Air Products Co. (Union Carbide & Carbon Corp.);
  • Northwest Bldg. Materials Co.;
  • Oregon Washington Depot;
  • Oregon Washington Rr and Navigation Co;
  • Otis Elevator;
  • Owens Corning Fiberglass Corp.;
  • Parkade;
  • Potlatch Forests Incorporated;
  • Shell Co. of California;
  • Spokane Compressor Company;
  • Spokane Rendering Co.;
  • Thro’ Jas Smyth Plumbing Co.;
  • Union Carbide Corp.;
  • Wagstaff Engineering;
  • Waldorf-Hoerner – Deaerator & Equalizer;
  • Warken Little & Lund;
  • Washington Water Power Company;


  • Boise Cascade Corporation;
  • Stone Consolidated;


  • Fibreboard Product Inc;
  • Fleischmann Co;
  • Standard Brands;


  • Carnation Co;
  • Utah Idaho Sugar Co;
  • Yakima City Creamery;


  • Ace Furnace & Steel Co;
  • Adin Kelley Floor Covering;
  • American Smelting & Refining;
  • Armstrong Contracting & Supply Corporation;
  • Asarco;
  • Atlas Foundry & Machine Co.;
  • Blair Waterway Terminal;
  • Boise Cascade Corp;
  • Charles H Davis;
  • Chicago, Milwaukee, St Paul & Pacific Railroad;
  • Columbia Breweries Inc;
  • Container Corp of America;
  • Coopers Carpet Castle;
  • E.J. Bartells Co;
  • E. T. DuPont Powder Co.;
  • Fick Foundry;
  • General Metals;
  • Heidelberg Brewing Co.;
  • Hooker Chemical/ Occidental Chemical;
  • Hooker Electrochemical Co;
  • Horner-Waldorf Paper Mill;
  • Independent Insulating Inc;
  • J.M. Martinac Shipbuilding Corp;
  • Johns Manville Storage;
  • Jones Block;
  • Kaiser Alum & Chemical Corp;
  • Kentucky Building;
  • Klug & Smith Co;
  • Laraby Water Terminal;
  • Lingayen (USS);
  • Lipsee Co.;
  • Lyle Plywood Mill;
  • Manke Lumber Co;
  • McWicks Electrical Shop;
  • Mobil Oil;
  • Mt Rainier Depot;
  • National Blower & Sheet Metal Co;
  • National Realty Co;
  • Navy & Marine Corps Reserve Training Center;
  • North Pacific Plywood Mill;
  • Northern Pacific Railroad Co;
  • Northwest Chair Co.;
  • Northwestern Improvement Co;
  • Pacific Lime;
  • Pacific Northwest Bell;
  • Penn Salt Co of Washington;
  • Pennsalt Chemicals Corporation;
  • Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing. Co.;
  • Pennwalt Corp;
  • Peter Sandberg Building;
  • Peterson Boatbuilding;
  • Philadelphia Quartz Co;
  • Pioneer Chlor Alkali Co.;
  • Port of Tacoma;
  • Rainier Mechanical Contractors;
  • Saint Charles Borromeo;
  • Seaborne Ship Yards;
  • Simpson Tacoma Kraft Co;
  • Simpson Timber Co;
  • Snoqualmie Falls Power Co.;
  • Sound Oil Company;
  • Sound Refining Inc;
  • Sperry Mills;
  • St Regis Paper Co;
  • St. Paul Tacoma Lumber Co.;
  • St. Regis Kraft Co.;
  • St. Regis Paper Mill/ Simpson Pulp & Paper;
  • Superior Service Laundries;
  • Tacoma Asbestos;
  • Tacoma Boatbuilding Company;
  • Tacoma Electro Chemical Co;
  • Tacoma Gas and Fuel Co;
  • Tacoma Gas Co.;
  • Tacoma Railway and Motor Co.;
  • Tacoma Railway and Power Co.;
  • Tacoma Shipyard;
  • Tacoma Smelting Co;
  • Tide Bay Steel Company;
  • Todd Shipyards Corp;
  • Union Lumber Co.;
  • United States Gypsum (USG) Co.;
  • Urban Plumbing and Heating;
  • Weyerhaeuser Timber Co;
  • Wheeler Osgood Co.;
  • William Gardner and Co;


  • Denny Renton Clay and Coal Co.;


  • Utah Idaho Sugar Company;


  • Kaiser Alum & Chemical Corp;


  • Owens Corning Fiberglass Corporation;


  • Aluminum Co of America (Alcoa) (f/k/a Reynolds Metals);
  • BECCO Chemical Division;
  • California Packing Corp;
  • Food Machinery and Chemical (FMC) Corp;
  • Fort Vancouver Plywood;
  • Henry Foss;
  • J R Harvey;
  • Johnny Ray Boiler Co;
  • Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical;
  • Kaiser Vancouver Shipyard;
  • Lucky Lager;
  • Mackall-Paine Veneer Co.;
  • North Shore Boat Works;
  • Pacific Inland Navigation;
  • Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railroad Co.;
  • United States Spruce Production Corp;
  • Vancouver Light and Power Co.;


  • Douglas United Nuclear;
  • ICOA;
  • Naval Supply Depot;
  • Phillips 66 – St. Luke’s – Industrial Park;
  • Spokane Industrial Park;


  • Bechtel Corporation;
  • Centralia Steam Electric Power Plant;

Walla Walla

  • Boise Cascade Corp;
  • Libby, McNeill and Libby;
  • Northwestern Gas and Electric Co.;
  • Terminal Ice & Cold Storage;
  • Washington State Penitentiary;


  • Boise Cascade Corp;
  • Cascade Kraft Corp.;
  • Boise Cascade Corp.;


  • Pendleton Woolen Mills;
  • Washougal Woolen Mills;


  • Alcoa Aluminum (f/k/a Reynolds Metals);
  • Bridgeport Land Co.;
  • Kawecki Chemical Co;
  • Puget Sound Engineering;
  • Rocky Beach Dam;
  • Shepard Fruit Products Co.;
  • Sparks Ready Pak Incorporated;
  • Wells & Wade Fruit Company;
  • Wenatchee Daily World;
  • Wenatchee Steam Laundry;

Whidbey Island

  • Aircraft Fire Crash Station;
  • Fort Casey;
  • US Naval Air Station;


  • Winslow Shipyard;


  • Northwest Light and Water Co.;
  • Pacific Power and Light Co;
  • Utah Idaho Sugar Co.;
  • Weber Chevrolet Company;
  • Granger Clay Products;
  • John I. Haas, Inc.;

If you or your loved one are Washington residents or were exposed to asbestos while working in WA, and were diagnosed with mesothelioma or lung cancer, you may be entitled to significant compensation. Please contact LK’s Washington mesothelioma lawyer at (800) 315-3806 or submit an online request for a free consultation to discuss your legal options.

ATTENTION: Mesothelioma has no known cure and often causes severe pain, suffering, and other types of damage, such as loss of consortium, and loss of income. Additionally, due to the exceedingly high cost of mesothelioma treatments, many families exhaust savings and accumulate financial debt in order to pay for the medical expenses of their family member.

Under the law of most states, pain and suffering from mesothelioma may be compensated through the award of money damages, usually obtained with the help of experienced mesothelioma attorneys. In some states other types of damages may also be recovered.

Asbestos litigation affords mesothelioma victims the opportunity to receive financial compensation and hold accountable the companies that caused their asbestos exposure.

IMPORTANT: If you or your family member has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you should get in touch with a mesothelioma lawyer as early as possible to determine if you have a mesothelioma case and to:

  • Preserve your rights to bring a legal action against the responsible parties within the limited time frame allowed by law, known as statute of limitations;
  • Obtain maximum compensation in your case by being able to:
    • Preserve evidence and establish facts of the asbestos exposure while the claimant is still alive and able to provide information;
    • File and resolve a lawsuit against the responsible parties before they file for bankruptcy or, if they already have, to obtain compensation before their bankruptcy trust funds run out of money;
  • Expedite your case, as courts tend to give higher priority to mesothelioma lawsuits where the claimant is still alive.


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